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(Organ) music on the go

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(Organ) music on the go

PostThu May 03, 2012 10:48 am

I had mentioned this some time ago, but was asked again. Forgot the topic title. An easy and cheap way to take downloaded music with you (for playing in a car) is by means of one of these mp3/mp4 players with built in FM stereo transmitter. Plugs into the cigarette lighter. Tune to an unused frequency and enjoy. (They even come with a wireless remote). Several versions available here:

You can download to an SD card. One site that has many hours of theatre organ music is here: Altho the show originated in Spain with host Steve Ashley, it is in English. (You can click on the 2008 archives at the bottom of the list for more). I take the little unit along when I travel. Works in rental cars of course.

Most of these little units have a USB input for playing an iPod. Wondering if there would be a way to add a mini jack to the player and use it to "broadcast" a H/W (compact) instrument to someone's (FM) stereo system for a demo. Just think, no speakers or amps to drag around. 8)

Update: it says these
have line in and line out. Can't tell if it is stereo, but would assume/hope so.


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