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Manual and Pedal Piston Switches

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Andrew Maguire


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Manual and Pedal Piston Switches

PostTue Feb 03, 2004 1:14 pm

I spent a couple of hours yesterday experimenting with a 1 by 4 row of keypad switches which I bought from the Farnell UK website (product number 4429746). I managed to link the switches into my midi encoding board which I already use for my pedalboard - plenty of spare capacity.
I was delighted that it all seemed to work and I am contemplating buying another three of these switches so that I can have eight thumb "piston" switches for the swell and eight for the great. You need some diodes and a good deal of concentration to work out the wiring.
I used the switches to send note on and note off messages to "midiox"
and then a map in midiox translated the particular note on messages to program change messages which were sent to hauptwerk to achieve the desired effect.
Having had some success with these switches - (about £10 each - and I would be interested to know if anybody has used anything else) - I would like to look into possible foot switches as well. Has anybody any experience here?
I looked at the Maplin UK website and wondered about the switch at ... Products=1
Has anbody tried anything else?
Andrew Maguire



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PostFri Feb 06, 2004 3:15 pm

I bought a Behringer FCB1010 foot controller for $130USD.

You can see it at ... N=53306526.

The foot buttons are not traditional shape but they seem suitable to me. This unit is very strongly built.

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