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I made a new Celeste stop

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I made a new Celeste stop

PostTue Feb 17, 2004 5:44 pm

I've been dinking around today with the various stops that are part of the free St. Anne set and came up with a fairly nice sounding celeste.

I've taken the Geigen Principal 8', re-pitched them in SoundForge to make a nice celeste when played with the regular Geigen Principal. Instead of just pitching them up 10 cents, I used the pipes 1/2 step higher and pitched them down 90 cents -- my thought being that using two seperate recordings, rather than 2 versions of the same recording would yield better results.

There are a few notes that sound less like a celeste and more like some kind of "chorus/detune" plugin effect. I'm guessing that these are instances where one of the original recordings wasn't up to par, and one of the neighboring pipes was re-pitched as a replacement -- though I don't know how to check that. At any rate, I plan to replace those with the pipe's 1/2 step lower raised by 110 cents to see if they'll work.

I also made up an .organ file (edited organ2, actually) that makes this new stop speak at 16' 8' and 4'. I used the Flauto Magico 4' and the Salicet 4' for the top octave of the 4' celeste. (I figured once it gets that high, it wouldn't be noticable that one rank wasn't actually sharp compared to the other). And for the 16' I used the Subbass and Echobass for the bottom octave, though I think I'm going to replace the subbass with the Swell Lieblich Bourdon 16', so it doesn't get so "tubby."

I still need to fix a few of the loops, as they have tiny clicks (only audible on good headphones, but I'd still like to try and get rid of them). But if anyone is interested in these new .wavs (and with Martin's permission of course), I could make them available for download or perhaps I could upload them to the Hauptwerk FTP site?

Here's a little MP3 demo:
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PostWed Feb 18, 2004 5:28 am

I am always interested in celestes. I did something similar with the Great Lieblich Gedact and the Swell RohrFlute. I sharped the second to celeste with the first.

Your sample is quiet a celeste chrous.

Cole (Ross) Votaw
Cole Votaw -- Springfield, Ohio, USA

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