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At long last, my very first

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Charles Braund


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At long last, my very first

PostTue Mar 23, 2004 10:23 pm

Well, I finally decided to create my first HW file and a few demos are available by visiting the news page on my web site (below).

Although I have literally dozens of files in GS format which are ready to transfer to HW, this is the first time that I have used the program to create anything for it. now that I have done that, it would seem to be "almost" plain sailing so to speak.

I've purposely chosen what I consider to be the most difficult stop since all the others should be relatively easy.

Voix Celestes are a pain because as the quietest stop on the organ generally, the s/n ratio for action and wind noise is usually bad news (especially on such enormous instruments that I have sampled). The looping isn't always terribly easy since there are the naturally occuring beats to take into account and the attack transients can prove to be a nightmare.

I hope that those that have a listen will provide me with some feedback please. I'm big enough to be able to take critiscism if it is considered necessary since it is only by this that I can eventually produce a library or complete organ that is acceptable.

Of course, Father Willis Celestes may not be to everyones taste and this is taken into account (I have plenty of alternatives available).

The demos can be found on the News page under 23rd March 2004 at

Thanks in advance for comments......
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At long last

PostThu Mar 25, 2004 1:32 am

Hello Charles,
Your voix celestes sounds fantastic! Let the audiophiles in our midst comment on the technical side, but for my ears, the tone is beautiful indeed. Keep up the good work.

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