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Edit registration sequencer

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Edit registration sequencer

Postby IainStinson » Mon Aug 31, 2015 8:04 pm

The registration sequencer

I've recently been making more use of the registration sequencer system. It works very nicely and the interface with the player very "easy to use". However, it is a little frustrating should you need to add an additional step into the sequence - you need to copy each of the steps after the insertion point one step further into the sequence to create a gap for the additional step. If you need to delete a step I've found it best to copy the previous step to the one which is no longer required so it effectively makes no change when selected.

It would be helpful if the registration sequencer / combination stepper system included facilities to "edit" the sequence of registrations ("stepper frames"). A number of real organs have this type of functionality and it would enhance HW in an important way.

The system already allows an existing stepper frame to be changed but two additional functions are needed to complete the functionality for editing.
- insert new stepper frame before the current stepper frame; an addition stepper frame with the currently selected registration (of stops, couplers etc.) is added to the stop sequencer sequence before the current stepper frame and the newly inserted stepper frame becomes the current stepper frame
- delete the current stepper frame; the current stepper frame is deleted and the next stepper frame becomes the current stepper frame.

It would also be useful to be able to clear the sequencer for the current combination set making all stepper frames empty.

There has been very little discussion of this on the forum (only one post and reply in November 2011). I think MDA may have enhancement requests logged for this but wonder what others think.

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Re: Edit registration sequencer

Postby mdyde » Tue Sep 01, 2015 4:42 am

Hello Iain,

Yes -- that's been requested lots of times, and we do plan to implement some editing facilities in the future (which would facilitate at the very least the operations you mention, but the exact designs will be worked out nearer the time). I've added your notes to the enhancement request.

I think it was probably discussed previously in the 'suggestions and enhancements' section of the forum, but that was removed and replaced by this form for submitting enhancement requests: . Hence that's the intended place to submit enhancement requests now.
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Re: Edit registration sequencer

Postby John L » Thu Nov 01, 2018 9:22 am

My own voyage of discovery has brought me to more advanced use of the stepper and, inevitably, up against the wish to insert/delete frames. Is the enhancement likely to come any time soon?

The latest software seems to be version released over three years ago on 06/09/15, which is about the same time as the original post. Are there any new releases on the horizon?

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