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Stops start to go green !

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Stops start to go green !

PostMon Apr 05, 2004 10:18 pm

Now that I've got my systems virtually sorted out, I've just uploaded a couple of single stop demos to my site. As stated on the site, as stops are completed or at least playable, the specification listings will go green. Clicking on those stops will introduce an MP3 file of the stop.

There are dry, small reverb and large reverb setings and I apologise for the quality of the reverberation which isn't the best - though it's a hell of a lot better than some of the ones I've got.

It would seem that my MP3 conversion (Frauenhoffer in Cooledit) makes them all sound a bit un-natural in the stereo format though they sound perfectly fine as normal wav or Hauptwerk files. Conversion to mono may help give a better idea.

I suppose I'm putting myself out on a limb so to speak by publishing demos of each individual stop, but I feel that in this way, a far better idea of what is or will be available will be had and any feedback will provide ideas with which to improve the end results and maybe save a lot of work in sorting out any issues.

The only real question that comes to mind at present is in the releases of some of the lower notes which though natural, would seem to be a bit weird - bit like a gigantic jaws harp but that's how they sound.

Within the context of many stops playing together, I don't think that this will be a problem but would people prefer the releases to be shortened or left as they are ?

As work progresses, I shall start providing combination demos and as it nears completion, complete pieces or excerpts will be uploaded.

Please feedback your thoughts / wishes / critiscisms etc. as you feel warranted.

Thanks for the support.
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