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New member seeks the FTP site

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New member seeks the FTP site

PostMon Apr 12, 2004 5:34 am

Hi all, I'll just quickly introduce myself as a new member...

I used to play my local church organ (St Margaret, Hornby, Lancs, UK) from the ages of about 11 -> 18 years, but now having moved away only get the chance to play it when visiting my parents.

I used to use Jeux soundfont with my SBLive card, which was great, but didn't offer the same flexibility as Hauptwerk. Finally got a around to buying Hauptwerk yesterday and have been enjoying using Christian's Ott-Orgel.

Edit: I now have the ftp details, thanks Martin.
[If anybody reads this today, please could they PM me the FTP site address. I have emailed Martin, but I suspect he must be enjoying a nice Easter break.]

Thanks for reading!


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