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Hauptwerk Dongle backup

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Re: Hauptwerk Dongle backup

Postby George Langley » Sat Jul 07, 2018 2:38 am

Hi all. A solution, that another company that uses USB dongle protection suggests, is to get a male-to-female USB extension cable. You plug the USB dongle into the female end of the cable, and never take it out, thus protecting the end from wearing out or accidental damage from bumps or incorrectly yanking it out of the computer. Then plug the cable into your computer. The cable takes the wear and tear of plugging/unplugging and also adds flexibility to keep the stick safe. And if the cable ever does get destroyed, it's a simple, quick and cheap fix to replace it, rather than the dongle (which this other company will NOT replace, even if you mail it to them - they make you buy an entire new licence for their software! I applaud Milan for being reasonable in their replacement policy.)
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