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Too bad about losing Radio Shack

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Re: Too bad about losing Radio Shack

Postby 1961TC4ME » Fri Jun 02, 2017 11:18 am

I remember the Radio Shack of the past, we had one where I grew up. I'd walk in as a young teenager and drool all over all those cool individual speakers you could purchase ranging is size from various horns and tweeters to 6"x9's and up to 15" drivers, and visions in my head of building some awesome speaker cabinets for my room. 8) I also remember all those cool walkie talkies, CB radios, antennas, short wave radios, stereo receivers, and all those electronic project kits you could buy to make your own AM radio, that was the Radio Shack!

I hadn't visited a Radio Shack in quite some time, mainly because it seemed they never had what I wanted after they stripped their stores of all the cool stuff I was interested in, and the few visits I did make it was pretty clear they were on their way out. Now days to fill my electronic 'geek' needs I shop at the local Micro Center. They've pretty much got everything and then some!

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Re: Too bad about losing Radio Shack

Postby engrssc » Sun Jun 04, 2017 7:48 pm

Maybe some of the "old memories" are due to the fact, at least in my case, that my folks didn't have much extra $$ after our basic needs were met to buy ready made stuff. Folks did a good job of caring for us, we never had to worry about food, clothes, etc. But if we wanted extra stuff (electronic "gizmos" as my mother called them), we had to figure out how to make that happen. And most of the time, that involved creating (building) those items many times from scratch. Don't see much of that today. And places like R/S served us well in those days.

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