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Hauptwerk Recital Series in Los Angeles: Stan's Music Parlor

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Hauptwerk Recital Series in Los Angeles: Stan's Music Parlor

Postby seh52 » Sat Jul 29, 2017 2:08 pm

Stanley Harris has hosted private Music Parlor concerts since 1986 in his 1926 Los Angeles residence. The Music Parlor includes a Steinway B grand piano, a Johannus-BachMen/Rosales-Hauptwerk organ and a 19th century Bell & Co. harmonium.

More than 200 musicians, including over 40 organists, have shared great music with appreciative friends and family. Concerts are scheduled weekly. Last year, more than 1000 guests attended. No fees are charged or paid. Guests are invited to donate to the musicians and may also contribute healthy refreshments.

In 1998, a Johannus Sweelinck-30 3 manual, 58 voice, 77 “rank” digital organ was installed in the Music Parlor. The organ simulates two styles of pipe organs--18th century baroque and 19th century romantic.

A Toshiba Tecra 730XCDT notebook computer with Johannus Intonat software creates more styles of Johannus organs. Cubase and Cakewalk software record and play midi sequences to create “player organ” performances.

A Johannus Classic Sound Module CSM-128 adds 48 sampled orchestral and organ voices, and a Roland JV-1010 Synthesizer Module generates more than 1000 additional sounds. Johannus Digital Stereo Acoustic DSA-4 adds acoustic effects to the Music Parlor.

In 2010, Rosales Organ Builders installed a 2 rank (8' Gedeckt and 4' Principal) 1984 BachMen OrganCrafters pipe organ that was purchased from a church in Ohio. Artisan Instruments designed a computerized midi interface between the console and pipework that enables an organist to play up to 30 stops with pipework. Manuel Rosales voiced and tuned the 144 pipes.

The Johannus organ console connects via an M-Audio 410 Firewire midi/audio interface to a Hauptwerk virtual pipe organ system that uses an HP Pavilion Elite i7, 24 GB RAM computer with over 100 sample sets of virtual pipe organs and keyboard instruments on its 7.5 TB hard drive.

Organists select a Hauptwerk virtual instrument, a Roland voice, a Johannus digital organ, and/or the BachMen/Rosales pipe organ to play independently or in combination.

The organ's audio system includes 22 amplifiers, 8 sub-woofers, and over 100 music parlor, dining room, and stairwell speakers to create music in various acoustic environments. Johannus and Hauptwerk organs use 16 channels for 3D divisional audio imaging, and 4 channels each for surround acoustic enhancement.

Organists who have performed at Music Parlor programs include Peter Bates, Kyle Black, Christoph Bull, Carol Camm, John Cannon, Hsiao-Ching Chao, Sarah Danielle, Leslie Deutsch, Adam Ferrara, Stewart Foster, Ronald Gibson, David Goode, Namhee Han, Stanley Harris, David Hegarty, Lawrence Hutchens, Emil Iliev, Brett Judson, Andrew Knox, Matthieu Latreille, Minh Le, Griffin McMahon, Stephen Main, Zeljko Marasovich, Tom Mueller, Frances Nobert, Minh Nguyen, Arthur Omura, Charles Raasch, Sven Reiche, Curtis Rhodes, Jelil Romano, Curt Sather, Greg Schreiner, Sharon and SC Sung, Mark Thallander, James Vail, MaksimVelichkin, David Wheatley, Robert Woolsey.

If you would like to play this instrument, please send me a private message.

Organ recitals involving Hauptwerk virtual pipe organs will be announced here. Please message me with your email address to receive invitations.

Virtual pipe organs:

1587 Unknown Builder: Holy Trinity Church, Smecno, Czech Republic
17th Century Georgian Series: 8, England
1699 A. Starck z Lokte: Zlata Koruna Monastery Church, Czech Republic
1700's Petar Nakic Adriatic Organ Model: St. Maria d'Alieto Church, Izola, Italy
1702 Caimari: St. Augustine's Church, Palma, Mallorca, Spain
1714 Jean Boizard: St. Michel en Thierache, France
1719 Johannes Radeker and Rudolph Garrels: Magnuskerk, Anloo, Netherlands
1730 Tobias Trost: Evangelische Lutherische Stadtkirche, Waltershausen, Germany
1735 Gottfried Silbermann: St. Peter's Church, Freiberg, Germany
1737 Michael Engler: Mary's Church, Krzeszow, Poland
1741 Chr. Muller: Maria-church, Oosterwijtwerden, Holland
1741 Gottfried Silbermann: Grosshartmannsdorf, Germany
1745 Johann Andreas Silbermann: Protestant Church, Wasselonne, France
1762 Jordi Bosch: Santanyi, Mallorca, Spain
1775 fr. Isnard: Basilique Sainte-Marie-Madeleine, St. Maximim, Provence, France
1778 Jan Pazický: R.C. St. Imre of Pusztaszabolcs, Hungary
1787 Joseph Silberbauer: Kdousov Church, Czech Republic
1809 J. Hart: St. Lawrence Anglican Church, Little Waldingfield, Suffolk, England
1827 Felice Platania: Balzan Parish Church, Malta*
1830 Joseph Walker: Composite organ, England*
1831 Batz/1571 Peter Janszoon de Swart: Domkerk, Utrecht, Netherlands
1843 Stiehr-Mockers: Romanswiller, France
1855 Cavaille-Coll /1717 Desfontaines: St. Omer's Cathedral, Pas-de-Calais, France (Mini)
1850 Istvan Kolonics: Transylvania village organ, Hungary
1850 Janos Sachs: Transdanubia village organ, Hungary
1865 P. van Oeckelen: Reformed Church, Pekela, Netherlands
1869 E. Schulze: St. Bartholomew’s Church, Armley, Leeds, England (Mini)
1874 Charles Jackson: St. Stephen's Anglican Church, Penrith, Australia
1876 Wilhem Sauer: Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Skrzatusz, Poland
1885 Cavaille-Coll: St. Etienne Abbey, Caen, France
1888 Carl Volkmann: St. Clement Parish, Ledziny, Poland
1888 Father Willis: St. Bartholemew Anglican Church, Groton, Suffolk, England
1893 Father Willis: Hereford Cathedral, Herefordshire, England (Mini)
1898 Adolf Volkmann: St. Augustine’s Church, Lipiny, Poland
19th Century Father Willis: Studio Series 70 and 80, England
1901 Alexander Orszagh: Catholic Church, Monor, Hungary
1901 James J. Binns: Old Independent Church, Haverhill, Suffolk, England (Mini)
1902 Cavaille-Coll (Charles Mutin): St. Eucaire Church, Metz, France
1907 Brindley and Foster: St. Anne's Anglican Church, Moseley, England
1908 Paul B. Voelkner: Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Szczecinek, Poland
1913 E.F. Walcker: Great Church, Wildervank, Netherlands (+Ext)
1916 E.F. Walcker: Martinikerk, Doesburg, Netherlands
1923 Unknown Builder: Prudhoe Methodist Church, Northumberland, England
1925 Wangerin: Masonic Auditorium, Madison, Wisconsin*
1928 E.M. Skinner: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Chicago, IL*
1928 Barton (3/12): Redford Theater, Detroit, MI
1928 Robert Morton Opus 2401 (3/17): from Empress Theater, Columbus, OH,
now at Billmire Residence
1929 Hill, Norman and Beard: St. Augustine's Church, Neutral Bay, Australia
1930 Joseph Angster: Parish Church of St. Louis, Budapest, Hungary
1931 E.M. Skinner: First Congregational Church, Los Angeles, CA*
1949 M.P. Moller: First Baptist Church, Nevada, Missouri
1950 Angster: Conventual Minorite Parish Church, Miskolc, Hungary
1966 Aeolian Skinner/1910 Murray Harris: Covenant Presbyterian Church, Long Beach, CA
1966 Casavant Freres: St. George's Anglican Church, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada*
1966 Schantz: First Baptist Church of Riverside, CA*
1967 Hammarbergs Orgelbyggeri AB: Burea Church, Sweden*
1969 Schlicker: First Congregaional Church, Los Angeles, CA.
1973 Marcussen & Son: Laurenskerk, Rotterdam, Netherlands
1974 Armagni & Mingot: Church of Luins, Switzerland
1978/1949/1945 Jorgensen Tribute Organ: Alesund, Hommelvik, & Alfjord Churches, Norway
1979 Alfred Führer: Monastery Church of Riddagshausen, Germany
1981 Gebr. Oberlinger/1903 Klais/1882 Kuhn: St. Joseph's Church, Bonn-Beuel, Germany
1982 Gerhard Grenzing: Church of Saint Peter in Chains, Menesterol, France
1983 Schoenstein/1957 Aeolian-Skinner: First Covenant Church, Oakland, California (Mini)
1987 Gyula Vagi: Holy Spirit Catholic Parish Church, Budapest, Hungary
1988 Casavant Freres: Concordia University Center, Irvine, CA
1989 Grönlunds Orgelbyggeri AB: Pitea School of Music, Sweden*
1989 Kaat and Tijhuis: Church of Veendam, Netherlands
1990 Fa. Kaul Orgelbau: Church of St. Johannes, Weinsberg, Germany*
1993 Walcker: Melcer Chamber Music Hall, Fryderyk Chopin University of Music, Warsaw,
1996 J.F. Dupont/1954 Roger Lambert/1859 Charles Lefevre/1856 Le Marchand: Saint
Madeleine Church, Bagnoles de l'Orne, France
2000 William Zeiler/1992 Robert Muench/1969 Schlicker/1931 E.M. Skinner: The Great
Organs of First Congregational Church, Los Angeles, CA*
2001 Gerhard Grenzing: Temple des Eaux-Vives, Geneva, Switzerland
2001 Vladimir Grygar: Church of the Holy Cross, Litomysl, Czech Republic
2002 Organ Manufacturing Co. of Pecs: Lutheran Church of the Buda Hills Area, Budapest,
2003 Dieter Ott: Gottingen, N. Germany
2004 Eppo Rynke Ottes: Church of Mostoles, Spain
2004 Jacek Siedler: St. John Cantius, Kracow, Poland
2006 Mathis Orgelbau: Church of St. Peter and Paul, Gorlitz, Germany (Mini)
2007 Tomaš Močnik: Church of our Lady in Adergas, Velesovo, Slovenia
2007 Zion Organ: Composite Brut-Leuchten Orgel*
2007 Daniel Prib: Chamber Organ, Prague, Czech Republic*
2008 Mascioni: Parish Church, Giubiasco, Switzerland
2008 Stanisław Pielczyk:”Green Positiv” rental instrument, Poland
2010 Paramount Organ Works: Wurlitzer Theater Organ (3/20)*
2011 Verschueren/1864 Rudolf & Richard Ibach: St. Gertrudis, Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands
2012 Etcetera Pipe Organs: Major I – American Classic Organ (1930-1970)*
2012 Kaminski: Dluga Koscielna, Poland
2013 Tzschöckel Orgelbau trunk organ: St. Maria Church , Nordheim, Germany*
2013 South African Church Organ Project: Freedom Morton (3/17)*
2013 Les Deutsch's Organ Software Development:
Rodgers 945
3-Manual English
Expanded Schantz
Jeux d'Orgues d'Trois Claviers
2014 Augustine's Virtual Organs:
Dutch Harmonium, Reformed Church, Kézdimártonfalva, Transylvania*
Large Dutch Composite Organ, Netherlands
Large Swedish Composite Organ, Sweden
Meitke/Muller Claviorgan*
Sonus Paradisi Velesovo-Menesterol 3-Manual Composite Organ
Sonus Paradisi Great Baroque Composite Organ, Europe
Sonus Paradisi Great Romantic Composite Organ, Europe
Sonus Paradisi Modern Composite Organ, Europe
2014 Al Morse:
Enigma III 2-Manual Composite Organ*
Extended 3-Manual Caen
Extended 3-Manual Krezeszow
Extended 3-Manual Menesterol,
Extended 3-Manual Velesovo
Extended 3-Manual Rotterdam
Extended 3-Manual AGO St. Maximim
2014 Anton Heger: Zurek Sonus Paradisi Baroque Composite Organ
2014 OrganWorks Basilica: Monaster Composite 5-manual Organ
2014 Josq: Sonus Paradisi Composite Cavaille-Coll (52/3+P)
2015 Anton Heger: Romer “Marcussen meets Cavaille Coll” Sonus Paradisi Composite Organ
2015 Custom Hauptwerk Organs: Caen 4-Manual Extension
2015/2009 South African Church Organ Project: Composite 4-Manual English Cathedral


Other virtual instruments:

1380 Jan van Haelst: Belfry, Ghent, Belgium
1700 J.J. Donat: Clavichord (2006 replica), Leipzig, Germany
1710 Michael Mietke: Harpsichord (2005 replica), Berlin, Germany
1855 Joshua C. Stoddard: Calliope (steam organ), Worchester, Massachusetts
1864 Bells of St. Andrews Church: Komarom, Slovakia
1981 Martin Bezemer: Harpsichord, Eindhoven, Netherlands


17th Century Georgian Series: 45, England
1643 Hans Henrich Bader: Church of St. Walburga, Zutphen, Netherlands
1721 Arp Schnitger & sons: Grote of St. Michaelskerk, Zwolle, Netherlands
1839 Carl August Buchholz: Black Lutheran Church, Brasov, Romania
1846 Cavaille-Coll: Èglise de la Sainte-Madeleine, Paris, France
1928 Reuter Organ Company: Temple Beth Israel, Portland, Oregon
1933 Anaton Feith: Catholic Church of Dingelstädt, Germany
1948 Aeolian Skinner: Christ Cathedral Arboretum, Garden Grove, CA
1941 Rieger: Cathedral of Esztergom, Hungary
1955 Klais: Catholic parish church of the Holy Trinity, Szikszo, Hungary
1959 Marcussen & Son: Laurenskerk Transept, Rotterdam, Netherlands
1987 Manuel Rosales: Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Portland, Oregon
1999 Aquincum: Cathedral of Szombathely, Hungary
2007 Bartolomeo Formentelli: (Dom Bédos), St. Domenico Church, Rieti, Italy
2008 František Vyhnálek: 1624 Johannes Ruckers Harpsichord, Czech Republic
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Re: Hauptwerk Recital Series in Los Angeles: Stan's Music Pa

Postby seh52 » Sat Jul 29, 2017 2:14 pm

Stan's Music Parlor: 7:30 pm SUNDAY, JULY 30: Dr. Stephen Main, organist

Born and raised in New York City, Stephen Main has music in his blood: his mother taught piano and his father, Tom Main, was a professional jazz trombonist with Si Zentner's band in the 60s. As a choirboy Steve sang at St. Thomas Church Fifth Avenue under Gerre Hancock. He went on to study violin, piano, organ, theory and composition at the Choate School and then at Oberlin Conservatory. At the same time, he earned his B.A., M.A., and eventually his Ph.D. in Religious Philosophy from the University of Chicago. He is currently the Music Director at Piedmont Community Church, in the Bay Area, where he composes and conducts regular choral and orchestral performances. Stephen is active as an organist, harpist and conductor, with recent appearances in San Francisco, throughout Northern California, New York, Cincinnati and Los Angeles. He lives in San Francisco and LA.

As a composer, Steve's work has included the recent publication of new choral and symphonic works, multiple commissions, and the completion of the scores for several films. He is a First Prize Winner of the John Ness Beck award for a new American choral work, and and a 2007 winner of the American Composers Forum carol contest. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune hailed Stephen’s work as “evocative” music that “captures mystery.”

Music by Buxtehude, Pachelbel, Bruhns, Respighi, Vierne, and Steve Main (me!)...
played on virtual pipe organs, including Europe's largest mechanical organ, the 1973 Marcussen in Rotterdam!
Plus a couple of surprises... *;) winking

To receive an invitation, please message me with your email address.
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Re: Hauptwerk Recital Series in Los Angeles: Stan's Music Pa

Postby engrssc » Sat Jul 29, 2017 3:16 pm

Are there any pictures available to view?

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Re: Hauptwerk Recital Series in Los Angeles: Stan's Music Pa

Postby seh52 » Sat Jul 29, 2017 5:04 pm

Hi Ed,
Thanks for your interest. The Facebook link at the beginning of the first entry has a few photos. I would add more, but don't know how that Img function works here.
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Re: Hauptwerk Recital Series in Los Angeles: Stan's Music Pa

Postby engrssc » Sat Jul 29, 2017 5:30 pm

Hi Stan,

Wish I lived closer to LA. Thanks for offering to post some photos. Very interested to see them.

Posting photos on the Forum is a current thread (Note Photobucke is no longer free. See below.

Flickr currently seems to work and (still) is free to use.

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Re: Hauptwerk Recital Series in Los Angeles: Stan's Music Pa

Postby seh52 » Sat Jul 29, 2017 5:52 pm

Thanks for these instructions, Ed.
Someday I hope to post photos.
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Re: Hauptwerk Recital Series in Los Angeles: Stan's Music Pa

Postby seh52 » Mon Jul 31, 2017 10:58 am

For an invitation to this private Hauptwerk recital, please send me a message with your email address.
Stan's Music Parlor
Arrival: 7:30 pm Saturday, August 5
Doors close for music: 8 pm
Reception follows.

Long Beach Covenant Presbyterian Church: 1910 Murray Harris/1966 Aeolian Skinner/1998 Bob Turner Organ.


Peter L. Bates has been involved in the musical life of Long Beach since 1976. In June 1997 he joined the staff of Covenant Presbyterian Church where he has served for over twenty years as minister of music and resident organist.

Mr. Bates holds a Master's degree in Music, specializing in organ performance. His organ instructors include: G. Leland Ralph of Sacramento, Bill Thomson of Thousand Oaks and Lloyd Holzgraf of Los Angeles.

Between 1984 and 1999 Mr. Bates played well over one hundred Noonday Organ Recitals, and over 500 weddings, at the historic First Congregational Church of Los Angeles, where he presided over the largest church organ in the world. He has also been involved in various recording projects as soloist or accompanist, including recording organ music for a Porsche television commercial. He is also frequently invited to speak on subjects related to church service and hymn playing.

Having been a Past Dean for the Long Beach Chapter of the American Guild of Organists, Mr. Bates currently serves as the Southern California and Greater Los Angeles Area District Convener, which involves leadership for organists in ten AGO regional Chapters. He is also the Director of the Committee on Sharing Skills and Resources for the American Guild of Organists national organization.

Mr. Bates is a member of the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA), the Presbyterian Association of Musicians (PAM) and past President of the National Association of Church Musicians (NACM, formerly the Choral Conductor’s Guild). He has also been honored by The Long Beach Alumnae of Sigma Alpha Iota as a “Friend of the Arts” for his contributions to the musical life of Long Beach.


Suite for Organ Sir John Stanley
I. Introduction and Allegro
II. Slow with Much Expression
III. Trumpet Voluntary

Elegy George Thalben-Ball

Prelude in b-minor John Knowles Paine

Scherzo (from “Modale Suite”) Flor Peeters

Kleine Präludien und Intermezzi (Werk 9) Hermann Schroeder
I. Maestoso
II. Andante Sostenuto
III. Allegro Moderato
IV. Allegretto
V. Andantino
VI. Poco Vivace
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Re: Hauptwerk Recital Series in Los Angeles: Stan's Music Pa

Postby seh52 » Mon Oct 02, 2017 7:16 pm

Dr. Namhee Han: 300 Years of Great Organ Music!

To receive an invitation, please send me your email address via private message.

Arrival: 7:30 pm Saturday, October 7
Doors close for music: 8 pm
Reception follows.


Playing from the heart defines organist Namhee Han’s approach to music-making. She gave the opening concert for the renowned Los Angeles Bach Festival in 2013 and has performed at the National and Regional Conventions of the American Guild of Organists (AGO). Constantly expanding the repertoire of her artistic expressions, she has played with orchestras such the Pacific Symphony, Los Angeles Master Chorale (organ) and the GRAMMY award-winning Southwest Chamber Music (harpsichord and harmonium).

A native of South Korea, Namhee studied the piano from age eight. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in English education from Seoul National University, she came to the US to pursue graduate studies in linguistics. It was then that she encountered the organ and became immediately fascinated with the limitless tonal and expressive possibilities of the instrument. She began organ study with Thomas Harmon in 1999 and completed Master's and Doctoral degrees in organ performance at UCLA working with Christoph Bull. In addition, she holds Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in applied linguistics from UCLA. Dr. Han has coached with Marie-Claire Alain, Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini, Jean Guillou and Guy Bovet, and participated in master classes by such eminent teacher-organists as David Craighead, Frederick Swann, Marilyn Keiser, Todd Wilson, Christopher Herrick, Paul Jacobs, Kimberly Marshall and Sophie-Véronique Cauchefer-Choplin. She has also studied with Philip Smith, the Organ Conservator at Walt Disney Concert Hall.

The resident organist at Westwood Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles, Dr. Han is keenly interested in contributing to the music community in Southern California and regularly collaborates with instrumentalists, orchestras and choral groups in local performances. Her recent performance projects include playing solo and duo organ pieces for the DVD “The story of the Walt Disney Concert Hall organ” ( Her piano and organ students have successfully gained admission into prestigious music schools. She enjoys maintaining an intellectually stimulating and physically active life.


Dr. Han performs compositions on these 3 Hauptwerk virtual pipe organs:

1699 Abraham Starckz Lokte: Monastery Church of Zlata Koruna, Czech Republic
Sonus Paradisi Zlata Koruna

2011 Verschueren/1864 Rudolf and Richard Ibach: St. Gertrudis, Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands
Sonus Paradisi Bergen op Zoom, Ibach organ

Rotterdam Main Organ
1973 Marcussen & Son: Laurenskerk, Rotterdam, Netherlands ... organ.html

J.S. Bach: Selections from Canonic Variations on "Vom Himmel hoch da komm' ich her" (From heaven above to earth I come), BWV 769a
Bach, C.Ph.E. (1714-1788): Sonata in D Major (Wq 70, 5)
Emma Lou Diemer (b. 1927): “Savior Again To Thy Dear Name”, “Valet will ich dir geben”
Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924): Sicilienne from “Pelléas et Mélisande” (transcribed by Louis Robilliard)
Richard Wagner (1813-1883): Pilgrims Chorus from “Tannhäuser” (transcribed by Edwin H. Lemare)
Guy Bovet (b. 1942): Salamanca from “Trois Préludes Hambourgeois”
Gioachino Antonio Rossini (1792-1868): Overture from “William Tell” (transcribed by Edwin H. Lemare)
Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901): Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves from “Nabucco” (transcribed by Namhee Han)
Camille Saint-Saëns (1835-1921): Danse Macabre (transcribed by Edwin Lemare)
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