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HW installation audit program - field trial

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HW installation audit program - field trial

Postby IainStinson » Fri Feb 09, 2018 5:39 am

For a while now I’ve been working on a program to analyse my use of Hauptwerk and to report on my Hauptwerk installation. I’ve found it useful to help make decisions about managing the installation (removing sample sets which I’ve ‘tried’, removing Hauptwerk working files for little used instruments etc.).

I wondered if others might find it useful, and so have decided to make it available, initially as a controlled trial, then probably in an unconstrained way.

In summary the program

    *Analyses the HW logs to collect data about each virtual instrument used and about the overall system usage. 
    * Scans the installation and reports on the virtual instruments installed and configured, provides basic information about the sample set data packages loaded onto the system and reports on the size of the cache file for configured instruments. 
    * Produces a summary of the usage of the installed instruments. 
    * Produces simple tabular reports in a plain text file and in a a simple HTML file.  Other reports are also produced in .csv file format for further processing by the user (for example to produce graphic reports or load data into databases or other processing systems). 
    * Produces a comma delimited text file recording the basic activities found in the Hauptwerk log files analysed. (it's not really a .csv file as the format of each line is not the same.)

The system is dependent on the format of the Hauptwerk log files - this is not fully documented and subject to change without notice.   The audit program handles the variations in the log file entries encountered across recent releases and updates to Hauptwerk and will probably be updated to handle changes in the future.  The program only reads Hauptwerk's files it does not change them in any way. 

VERY IMPORTANT: Milan Digital Audio (the owners of Hauptwerk) cannot provide any support for using this program nor can they answer any queries arising from its use.

The program may be used on Windows and Apple MacOS but initially only the Windows version is being made available for testing.  

Details and some sample outputs may be found at

If you are interested to try this out please contact me by email to be given an access key to run the program (the key is simply being used to control the trial).
Iain {at} Stinson <dot> org [dot] uk

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