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Permanent Price Reductions

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Permanent Price Reductions

Postby ReinerS » Sun Feb 18, 2018 9:52 am

Dear all,
as markets are changing obviously there is a need to adapt!
Hence we did it again and significantly reduced the prices for our sample sets (on average by 20%). Please note that this is a PERMANENT price reduction, not a special event sale!

At the same time we are streamlining some things. We removed the Oberlinger Medium Edition from our portfolio. Also we no longer are shipping trial versions on DVD, free trials are now on a download only basis. For full versions DVDs will only be available as long as supplies last! We have found that the number of customers asking for a DVD is so small that it is not economic to produce them in the quantities needed to keep them affordable and hold them in stock!

Please have look at the new prices!

At the same time I would like to take the opportunity and point you to a sample set spotlight David Lamb has done on our Steinmeyer St. Magnus sample set on Contrebombarde. Thank you David! You can read his opinion of this sample set here:

Best regards
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