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Thinking outside of the box

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Thinking outside of the box

Postby engrssc » Tue Oct 09, 2018 12:08 am

As a point of reference, Hauptwerk permits us to do things beyond the ordinary and many have visionary aspects as we have seen here by contributors to this Forum. I think it safe to say there are no two identical Hauptwerk installations. Hauptwerk software has gone thru an evolution of sorts from it's beginning until now bringing with it opportunities to be quite creative. Some may say, regarding a project that you need to know when it is finished. I differ with that philosophy by observing thru the many threads here how others have instruments that, likewise keep evolving. There is so much that can be done within this H/W software, it can be a tool for us to explore a great deal about organs, esp real pipe organs.

While looking into the Hazel Wright organ mentioned in another thread, there were comments to the effect that the restoration presently taking place affords the opportunity to re-think this huge instrument. While a good deal of this re-thinking involves many physical aspects, we can be learning here from others, how to make changes by (properly) manipulating the H/W software.

I came to these conclusions quite a while ago, but while watching a video of the organ of the Walt Disney Concert Hall and how it evolved, can see opportunities, on a much smaller scale of course, to make improvements in my own Hauptwerk instrument.

The video I mentioned:

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