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E M Skinner

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E M Skinner

Postby engrssc » Sat Oct 13, 2018 11:39 pm

I found this short story in a wonderful book on the life of Ernest Skinner - The Life & Work Of Ernest M.Skinner by Dorothy J. Holden,, published by the Organ Historical Society - Richmond, Virginia - 1985. For anyone interested in an interesting man, E M Skinner, I would highly recommend this book.

Around 1906, Ernest Skinner's ingenuity was called upon to solve an unusual problem for the Boston Symphony Orchestra. It's conductor Dr Karl Muck, was planning to perform Richard Strauss' - Also Sprach Zarathustra and wanted a striking 32' effect for the big C major chord opening this work. The 32' Open Wood Diapason in the organ at Boston Symphony Hall did not produce enough 32' tone to suit Dr Muck, so he had Ernest make one 32' reed pipe for bottom C only, wiring it in with the 32' Open Wood. It was a small and insignificant reed compared to the big, high pressure 32' Bombardes that Ernest usually built. but it was there.

So, when that piece came on, and old John Marshall, then, the organist of the symphony put down that C major chord and put his foot down, they say that Ernest Skinner jumped right out of his seat on the center aisle and said: "Thar she blows!'
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