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Touch screen monitor question.

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Re: Touch screen monitor question.

Postby RichardW » Sun Nov 04, 2018 2:01 pm

kiaya611 wrote:It there any trick to using them portrait?...or do you have to get monitors that have that feature?

It is important to get up-to-date monitors with drivers for the operating system you will be using.
The second trick is all in the stands. They lift high enough and rotate 90 degrees. Additionally, most monitors have a, so-called, VESA mount that allows you to use other mounting methods. You can find VESA-compatible supports that will permit rotation.

Note, it does take up a lot of space to have a screen of that size rotatable.

engrssc wrote:What do you use in place of thumb pistons or am I missing something?

I think you might be confusing me with someone who can play the organ! I don't really need pistons. However, if I can play something then I set up the Hauptwerk Stepper and use the top two pedals as up and down selectors. If I need them on screen I add the ones provided with Hauptwerk.

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Re: Touch screen monitor question.

Postby telemanr » Sun Nov 04, 2018 11:46 pm

The HP screens I have can tilt back and forward as well as being rotatable. The stand which they come with is quite sturdy so tapping on the screen has a fairly solid feel.
A previous screen I had needed a mountable heavy screen holder using the VESA feature since the stand it came with was not really very sturdy.
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