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Fireface 800 problem

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Fireface 800 problem

Postby hschoof » Thu Nov 01, 2018 10:28 pm

I have a Fireface 800 connected to an early 2008 Mac Pro for our church.
I have just decided to update this Mac to the latest HW version and found that the Mac can only take up to OS10.11
That wasn't a problem but when I upgraded, the Fireface needed to have the latest driver installed in order to make it work.
All good after that, except that the Fireface settings window now always opens up and sits in front of the HW window.
Has anybody else found this and what can be done about it other than click it away.
I am hoping that the settings can just open and sit in the dock.
Any assistance would be appreciated.
Kind regards
Hans Schoof
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