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Hauptwerk and Organ Symphony Assistant

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Hauptwerk and Organ Symphony Assistant

Postby laura.bela » Tue Nov 20, 2018 4:30 pm

Some of you have become aware of Organ Symphony Assistant, a collection of symphonic accompaniments to major (and not so major) organ and orchestral repertoire. It is much like "Music Minus One' for organists. I always thought that this would be intriguing for Hauptwerk users. Although, Organ Symphony Assistant was really intended as a study tool (not a performance tool, per se), I was pleasantly surprised when a Hauptwerk owner and organist extrordinaire, Aarnoud de Groen, actually created some amazing performances. So, with a little ingenuity (which is a quality of all Hauptwerk owners!), and some perseverance, I think there might be a few other organists who might rise to the challenge. Please visit the Organ Symphony Assistant Sample Recordings page to enjoy the efforts of Aarnoud de Groen.
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