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Cubase vs. Hauptwerk stop changes

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Cubase vs. Hauptwerk stop changes

Postby wwzeitler » Fri Feb 08, 2019 8:46 pm

I'm trying to figure out how to get Hauptwerk to record stop changes with Cubase, where Hauptwerk (HW) is one virtual instrument among others. I had no trouble getting HW note events to record & playback, but I am stumped trying to record/playback stop changes.

I carefully worked through the Hauptwerk/Sequencing tutorial -- which didn't prove helpful. ( ... STLink.pdf).

Ideally what I want to accomplish is: I have a track in Cubase assigned to each manual of Hauptwerk, and I can record notes and stop changes on that manual (I'm not picky how stop changes are recorded). So that I can select track X in Cubase to record the HW Great (including stop changes), and then select track Y in Cubase to record a harp assigned to ITS track.

(In the following I am assuming the basic config covered in the above pdf about Cubase/Hauptwerk: audio is workig, basic midi is working (press a key, MIDI activity lights up in Cubase), Cubase MIDI thru=off, Chase Sysex Events is checked, filtering SysEx events is turned off, etc.)

Near as I can tell my parameter options are ('HW' = Hauptwerk, 'K' = midi keyboard):

Cubase: Track Midi In = HW or K
Cubase: Track Midi Out = HW or K
HW | GeneralMidi In | K = Console, VST, or nothing
HW| GeneralMidi In | Vst = Console, VST, or nothing
HW| GeneralMidi Out | K = Console, VST, or nothing
HW| GeneralMidi Vst | Vst = Console, VST, or nothing

That works out to 324 combinations, many of which I have tried. To systematically work through them all will take me about a day.

I get that using Hautptwerk as one virtual instrument amongst others in Cubase (or the DAW of your choice) is not Hauptwerk's primary business model. But surely this can be done.

I also have to assume I have missed something. Surely I can't be the first person who has wanted to use Hauptwerk as a virtual instrument (among others) in Cubase .


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Re: Cubase vs. Hauptwerk stop changes

Postby csw900 » Sat Feb 09, 2019 12:05 pm

Hi William

The only useful Midi output from HW is Sequencer Output. This provides all notes stops and expression signals in a standard fixed (for that organ only) midi format. The midi format for your particular organ is fully detailed in the menu "Recording"/"View MIDI recorder/player/sequencer MIDI implementation (for this organ)…"

It is a good idea to print this out because you will be using it a lot.

Generally each manual has its own midi channel and all stops and expression controls are in one seperate channel. There are no options unless you design your own organ. You will have to adapt your requirements to fit what HW produces.

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Re: Cubase vs. Hauptwerk stop changes

Postby randallschmid » Mon Feb 11, 2019 8:59 pm

I use HW with standard VSTs frequently. I record stop changes, but only on the first HW track that I record. The problem is many HW's stop changes on St. Anne's use Sysex messages which are global and not specific to a particular track. If you record the Great and change stops while recording, then record Swell on a separate track and change stops, your second recording will overwrite the first recording's Sysex.

If you are not able to record any stop changes, please verify the following setup:
General Settings->Audio Outputs. Set Audio Output Device to "Hauptwerk VST Link".
General Settings-->Midi Ports->Midi In Ports. "Hauptwerk VST Link" "Sequencer Midi In" should be checked.
General Settings-->Midi Ports->Midi Out Ports. "Hauptwerk VST Link" "Sequencer Midi Out" should be checked.

In Cubase 9 and up:
1. Studio->Studio Setup->Midi-Midi Port setup. All Midi In devices should be set to Inactive. (This is to prevent Cubase from recording the MIDI data it receives directly from your MIDI controllers. All MIDI data that is recorded must come from HW's VST Link. If you do not do this, you will record double notes and raw data from your controllers that has not been transformed into patch changes in HW.)
2. Preferences->MIDI. Uncheck MIDI thru active. Under MIDI filters, uncheck all record and playback filters (SYSEX is checked by default and must be unchecked if you want to record and playback register changes).
3. Add an instrument track. Set the MIDI input on the track to "HWVSTLink OUT", and the MIDI Output to HWVSTlink IN". Set the MIDI channel on the track to 'Any'.

You should now be able to record patch changes with your performance. If this works, you can duplicate the MIDI track and record your second part (i.e. swell or pedal) without making any stop changes.
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Re: Cubase vs. Hauptwerk stop changes

Postby johnh » Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:30 pm

I am not aware of HW using SYSEX for stop changes unless you've programmed it to do so. In my experience HW uses NRPN messages...
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Re: Cubase vs. Hauptwerk stop changes

Postby csw900 » Tue Feb 12, 2019 4:43 am


I agree with johnh, I have not found any HW organ which does not use NRPN's for setting stops, as recorded in HW midi files.

However I have also seen rare SYSEX events in HW midi files - as far as I know these are undocumented and are of value only to the HW organ the files were recorded on. I would normally ignore them because they are not needed when playing the organ from its midi (sequencer) input.

The NRPN's used are fully documented and can always be used to set the organ's stops via its midi (sequencer) input.

I suggest using MIDI-OX to view and understand the midi events coming out of your organ before trying to do anything else.

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