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3rd Century A.D. organ pipes spotted at museum

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3rd Century A.D. organ pipes spotted at museum

PostFri Mar 01, 2019 6:01 am

The Belgrade National Musuem, a magnificent building from the late 19th century, and now a first class museum, with many most magnificent holdings of art and artifacts of Serbian origin had this surprise in store for me:

Roman organ pipes from the 3rd century A.D.

I cannot directly show the two pictures I took there, but the links will quickly take you to them.

But first the explanation on the plaque:

“Part of a Pipe Organ, 3rd century, Golubac, Serbia
These 13 fragments – pieces (organo) of bronze and silver plated ivory pipes, one of which is inscribed with the organ builder’s name – Fortunatus – are all that remains of a once magnificent instrument, the only known Roman silver pipe organ (organum hidraulicum). In his book De architectura, the Roman writer Vitruvius gave a detailed description of the instrument, emphasizing that the organ was not only an instrument but a machine, and Antiquity’s most complex technical achievement. The only other sites where bronze pipe organs or their fragments have ever been found are Aquinicium (Budapest, Hungary) and Aventicum (Avenches, Switzerland).

The picture links (don't pay attention to the label "Dutch organs" name on these links; it was the only place to put them):

Kind of made my day! Who would have thought to find such early organ remnants in Serbia! From thos primitive instruments to what we have today, we have come a very long way..... Wow!



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Re: 3rd Century A.D. organ pipes spotted at museum

PostFri Mar 01, 2019 9:48 am

Will we be getting a Hauptwerk sample set from this soon? :D

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