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V6 perpetual license

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V6 perpetual license

PostSat Nov 28, 2020 8:08 am

I'm not over happy about the sudden arrival of v6. It's not so much the money, it's the inconvenience.

I bought a v5 perpetual license with the expectation of having at least a couple of years before having to make any changes to my software. The machine is offline and I'm normally happy to ignore routine updates and just do the occasional major update.

I don't really want to faff around again with the software until I change my computer, which could be quite a while.

1. Will future v6 sample sets be v5 compatible?
2. If I end up missing out v6 altogether, will there be in the future a fairly priced update from v5 to v7?
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Re: V6 perpetual license

PostSat Nov 28, 2020 8:25 am

Hello CWEB,

(I can't myself answer questions on what future pricing or upgrade paths might be.) On the subject of sample sets: it's entirely up to sample set producers whether, or for how long, they keep producing new sample sets in v5 format. I imagine they will for a few years, and will eventually require newer versions, once most users are on those newer versions.
Best regards, Martin.
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