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New Website for Maltese Historic Pipe Organs

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New Website for Maltese Historic Pipe Organs

PostWed Dec 02, 2020 9:37 pm

Hi Friends,

My current web hosting service ( will be discontinued come March 31, 2021 so I had to set up a new site which now incorporates 5 fragmented sites into a single one. The new web host (Infinityfree) offers a far better service and unlimited space for publishing. Sound like too good to be true - apparently it is true and my website attests to that! I couldn't do all this on

WordPress had to be installed to develop the site and it has been a challenging week to get used to it and use it effectively. I know I can do better but it's just not that easy to produce a layout that I want. Despite all the difficulties, the site is up and running and everything that should be there, is there.

Do take a note of the new url:

You may wish to correct any ReadMe / License files in VPOs I have shared with you accordingly. In other words replace all the urls with the new single (& shorter) address.

Feel free to comment on the new lay out. I would appreciate any constructive criticism to make the site better and more appealing.

Mark Bugeja
Malta (Europe)

Maltese Historic Pipe Organs

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