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Demos of the Kampen Demo

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Demos of the Kampen Demo

PostSun Dec 07, 2008 9:55 pm

(corrected on Dec. 8)

To all those who are still sitting on the fence about the Kampen organ: here are some demos for you to taste the organ and help you decide. The playing ain't perfect; the keyboards compasses are quite incomplete, and I have a bad working note in my pedals.

Yet, I am in love with this set.

Having downloaded the demo version of the Kampen set, I keep returning to it again and again, as I truly enjoy this thoroughly Dutch organ (being Dutch myself). It's already a very good organ, but yes, also kind of incomplete still. And simply marvelous acoustics.

So, before I commit my savings to this set (and I want to buy all parts of it), I immerse myself first with demos of a demo. Yes, I want it, but it's going to be "mucho dinero" (a lot of money).

As this is a demo of a demo, I called some of my improvisational challenges (working around the limited compasses) "demo demo."

See/listen: ... der/desc/0

(name : adri; organ Kampen; some postings are with different instruments)

I really think Brett Milan's way of making a demo version of an organ available is the way to go, and I wish Dr. Maier and Jiri would do the same thing.

Anyway enjoy!

Brett is offering a holiday discount of this set of 10% (until the end of December).

Stay tuned....
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PostSun Dec 07, 2008 10:01 pm

Brett: in these difficult economic times, how about offering this set to all salivating organists with a good discount as a Christmas gesture???
A repeat of the previous introductory offer, for example?

Hello Adri,

Please see our order page, we have a sale going on for all sample sets as well as Hauptwerk licenses/upgrades. The Kampen is actually just slightly lower than the original intro price by about $5. Be sure to note the coupon code available at the top of the page which will deduct 10% off your order.
Brett Milan

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