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New Videos and Twitter

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New Videos and Twitter

PostThu Sep 15, 2011 12:33 pm

Greetings All,

Quick note that MIDIworks is now on Twitter @MIDIWorks. We'll still have the mailing list but the Twitter is going to be for smaller announcements and more conversational-type interaction with us.

I also wanted to share some video clips from a concert we did with Ryan Jackson on Sept 10th.

Ryan Jackson Gallery

Some notes on this particular experience:

We upgraded our Echo Audiofire12 converters to a single, 32 channel output system from RME. The sound quality is phenomenal. The Echo's are great sound in their class. Don't get me wrong. However, If you can upgrade your audio converters, you won't be sorry.

This gig also impressed me with the importance of being able to get into a venue early so that the artist can run his/her full repertoire on the instrument. Doing so really helps to anticipate the strange things that can happen in a room with a pipe organ. We set up the system in the venue the day before the show. Often times this is not possible because of scheduling or because the hall has overstrict labour rules and/or budgeting. However, if you can, get as much time in the venue as possible because "stuff happens".

Ryan came to the shop here for two days before the show in order to set up presets and to get familiar with the instrument. (Also a key in having a great concert experience for those of you who do on-site work). However, when we got into the room and all the voicing was done, we still found that certain notes on certain stops caused different things in the room to vibrate sympathetically; certain light fixtures, assorted rigging etc. We were able to figure out workarounds.

We also found that certain parts of the repertoire overtaxed some channels of the audio system. The extra time gave us the ability to fix these things in a way that didn't particularly stress me (important :)) nor the artist (more important). I don't always get this extra time to tweek. So, I was very pleased with the result.

Another big kudo has to go to Martin and Brett for the new reverb tail parameters available in HW4. The native reverb tails were just too long for this particular situation. They made everything sound muddy. So we were able to cut them down to 3s which improved clarity immensely.

In the end, the concert went off without a hitch and Ryan sounded amazing.


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