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Schantz Pipe Organ Console Hauptwerk Conversion

PostPosted: Mon Sep 19, 2011 4:49 pm
by Antoni Scott
I just completed my first Hauptwerk retrofit. I found a very decent (1980) Schantz three manual and pedal console and retrofitted all of my existing Hauptwerk manuals plus an older 32 note AGO pedal-board ( I believe it was from an Odell organ). I am quite pleased. My wife always said the original "bench" hardly did credit to the quality of the Hauptwerk organ sound, so the most recent upgrade compliments the visual as well as the audio. I added six Definitive Technology SM450's powered by a Marantz 7000 series amp, plus a Supercube II subwoofer which is self powered. Frankly, the effect is awesome. You can see a portion of this upgrade and retrofit at ... /Home.html.

This will be the first of many retrofits that I will perform. My brother-in-law's now defunct 1911 Estey two manual and pedal reed organ will be the next on my list. It has sixteen stops so I can create a fabulous residence organ based on this model. The sky is the limit.

Antoni Scott