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Beta testers for Sonus Paradisi wanted

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Beta testers for Sonus Paradisi wanted

PostFri Dec 09, 2011 5:13 am

I have recorded quite a large number of instruments over the past 2 years, but the speed with which I can do all the post-production of the recorded material is rather slow, unfortunately. And it is still slower and slower as the demands for a sample set grows.

It is now more than a year before the sample set of the recorded instrument appears! For example, the Formentelli-Rieti (Dom Bedos) instrument was recorded in the September 2010 (!) and it is only several weeks that it is out there for you... the same is true for Krzeszow instrument. Utrecht also has more than a year delay now...

I have good group of those who are preparing the samples for the release with me. But I think there are some more beta testers needed to speed up the process a bit. (Krzeszow was ready from about June and still, it appeared only now - the testing process was very slow in this case.) So, I am looking for 1 or 2 beta testers who would be happy to help Sonus Paradisi with our new production.

However, to keep the sample set price as low as possible, I am only looking for volunteers. What does it mean? You should make all your beta testing for no money, your reward would be only the free sample set(s) which you get from me.

What are the requirements?

0.) You must have a lot of free time for Hauptwerk.

1.) You must have excellent understanding of Hauptwerk, to be able to test all the features of the sample set and its implementation into depth. Also, you must have Hauptwerk Advanced (basic is not enough).

2.) You must be able to load the Surround sample sets, so multiple audio outputs is a must (simple stereo setup is not good enough for testing). Also, a computer with 32 GB or even 48 GB of RAM is a huge advantage.

3.) You should have sufficient background in organ theory and practice. You should understand how the real organs work and behave into depth, from the acoustic as well as from the technical viewpoint. This will allow you to determine whether the sample set "behaves" as a model of a real organ.

4.) You should be very able organ player, who would even be able to record some demo pieces for the presentation. This will allow you to test the sample set in the "real life" conditions.

5.) You should have very very good ears, to be able to test all the pipes, hearing the instabilities of speech, hearing the slow or otherwise deformed attacks, badly behaving releases etc. This is probably the most important ability for a beta tester.

6.) You should be able to download a lot of GB of data over the internet. To my beta testers, I am not delivering the installation media, all must be done over internet. Please remember, that sometimes one sample set can have 20 or more GB in total.

7.) You should be ready to accept that not all of your beta testing ideas will be incorporated into the final product. You should understand that it is normal that a part of your work is unused/rejected for the final release.

8.) You should be able to keep silence. I have a strategy that I usually do not say in advance which organs are in preparation. Unfortunately, the information about Utrecht and about Rotterdam leaked in past. This should not be the case any more. You should be ready not tell anyone which sample sets are in preparation.

From our experience, it is approx. 1 hour to test one single stop (for the surround twice as much since there are front and rear samples which must be tested also separately). So, this approximately gives you an idea how much time you would spend on this voluntary job.

If there is anyone interested, please let me know by e-mail or private message. I would be happy to test your abilities with a small forthcomming sample set which is now ready for download for the beta-testing...

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