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Hauptwerk v5.0.1 is now available

PostPosted: Wed Mar 04, 2020 5:56 am
by mdyde
Hauptwerk v5.0.1 is now available for download via the 'Download' link at the top of the main Hauptwerk website:

Please see the v5.0.1 release notice for full details, and see main Hauptwerk user guide for installation instructions:

Version 5.0.1 has some important bug-fixes, compatibility fixes, and some minor improvements. If you have installed v5.0.0, then we strongly recommend upgrading to it as soon as possible. If you haven't installed v5.0.0 yet, but want to install v5, then please simply upgrade directly to v5.0.1 (without upgrading to v5.0.0 first).

IMPORTANT: Especially if upgrading directly from a pre-v5 Hauptwerk version (i.e. especially if you haven't installed v5.0.0 yet), then please do make sure you read the 'Upgrading or re-installing Hauptwerk' installation in the main Hauptwerk user guide ( -- pages 25-29 in the current v5.0.1 version), which has some important steps to follow.

In case of any difficulties downloading via the 'Downloads' link on the main website, then please see try these these direct download links:

Windows (full installer): ... .1.034.exe
Size: 3,183,101,912 bytes
MD5 checksum: 06cb6083c2e7edbafa708ae92f533dbb

macOS (full installer): ...
Size: 3,337,092,512 bytes
MD5 checksum: 32b7cd41a7ca7ed7a0539023ac1e4d16

Re: Hauptwerk v5.0.1 is now available

PostPosted: Wed Mar 04, 2020 6:04 am
by mdyde
Also, for information: the following additional last-minute minor changes are actually included in the v5.0.1 software, but aren't listed in the release notice:

- Bug-fix: organs that specified original organ pitches outside of the range 380-500 Hz (as with Piotr Grabowski's recent Erfurt sample set) would sometimes give a confusing error message (since v4.0.0). The range of the user 'Base pitch Hz' setting has now been expanded to 300-600 Hz (the same as the allowed range for the corresponding organ definition original organ pitch attribute) to avoid that.

- Bug-fix: switching off an organ's virtual blower switch (if available) could result in played pipes continuing to be audible after the wind pressure had fallen to zero.

- Compatibility: for Macs, by default, Hauptwerk’s installer is now provided for download within a .ZIP file (instead of a .DMG file), to try to make it easier for those wishing to try using Hauptwerk on older macOS versions that are less than the minimum officially supported version of macOS 10.13.6. (Please note that Hauptwerk version 5 will definitely not work on OS X version 10.10 or earlier.)

- The set of Hauptwerk licensing packages (current at the time that the Hauptwerk version was built) are now installed included within, and automatically installed by, Hauptwerk’s installer, to try to maximize the chances of Hauptwerk being able to load any given licensed sample set for people who accidentally omit the step in the installation instructions to install them. (However, it's still important to follow that installation instruction step, since additional packages for new sample sets may have been released since this version of Hauptwerk was built.)

Re: Hauptwerk v5.0.1 is now available

PostPosted: Wed Mar 04, 2020 10:58 am
by mdyde
(As mentioned above), please consult the relevant upgrading/installing section in the v5.0.1 version of the main Hauptwerk user guide for full instructions for upgrading to v5.0.1, or for performing clean installations (on a new computer).

However, if you already have v5.0.0 installed, then in summary, you simply need to:

- Use 'File | Backup ...' in your existing Hauptwerk (v5.0.0) installation, for good measure.
- Exit Hauptwerk.
- Download v5.0.1.
- Run the v5.0.1 installer to upgrade your existing (v5.0.0) installation, leaving all settings within the installer at their defaults. The installer will then upgrade your existing installation, and no settings or organs should be lost in the process.