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suggestions for piston setup

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Re: suggestions for piston setup

Postby fermata » Sun Sep 18, 2016 9:48 pm

I'm a bit like you, in that I tend to go my own route to be sure I get what I want. Info is crucial, and so I've come to this forum, as well as sending questions to MidiWorks and consulting with Francois. And thank you for sharing what you have, it's why I came here! Different perspectives all add to one's understanding.
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Re: suggestions for piston setup

Postby mdyde » Mon Sep 26, 2016 6:43 am

engrssc wrote:This is a question of sorts for Martin. When using a LaunchPad to control pistons is there a setup function (basically MIDI control) of the LaunchPad status light(s) so that the particular piston button's status light stays bright indicating which piston button has been pressed? This in a "radio" button fashion?

Hello Ed,

(Assuming you enable MIDI output when auto-detecting) Hauptwerk will always control the Launchpad's lamp to light up exactly whenever the auto-detected on-screen virtual piston/stop/switch is on/lit. Hence if the virtual piston lights up to show when the registration is 'current' (as Hauptwerk's master pistons do, for example), then so will the auto-detected Launchpad button's lamp. Most sample sets don't have native pistons (within their virtual consoles) that light up, but you could potentially use the master combinations instead.
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Re: suggestions for piston setup

Postby fermata » Tue Sep 27, 2016 7:10 pm

For Iain Stinson:
I've been admiring your console. I was thinking of doing the same as you: putting 32 rocker tabs above the top manual, below the music rack. But this puts greater distance between your fingers on the manuals and the music you have to read. Do you find this ... less than ideal?
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Re: suggestions for piston setup

Postby IainStinson » Wed Sep 28, 2016 1:09 pm

My console was built for my Phoenix organ and initially only the couplers were placed above the upper manual as there was insufficient space on the left and right jambs (28 stops on each side) for the number of stops and the couplers. A couple of years on from getting the organ, Phoenix added a solo division for me and we placed the stops for that above the top (third manual) along with the couplers. The solo division could be swapped for the choir with a thumb piston in the choir key slip and coupled to any manual using pistons with indicator LEDs at the top of each manual keyslip. )The thumbnail picture shows the console before the solo was added!)

There are now 30 stop controls above the third manual in two groups of 15. The bottom of the tilting tablets are only about 15mm above the sharp key tops - this seems is a little tight until you get used to it but it avoids the music rest becoming too high.

With HW I use touch screens instead of the side jambs and for some sample sets use the stop controls above the third manual as secondary inputs to certain stops (couplers for example). I have also used them to provide stops for master couplers when the sample set does not have a coupler I want (such as a manual to pedal coupler when a baroque sample set does not have the corresponding coupler).

Hope this helps.

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