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Swapping Ranks

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Swapping Ranks

Postby 3/18GrandBarton » Thu Feb 14, 2013 6:34 pm

I am currently using the MasterWorks 3/31 Wurlitzer sample set, and I have a couple of other theatre organ sets. I would like to replace some of the ranks in the MasterWorks with ranks from the other sets. Is there a way to edit the MasterWorks definition to make the stops in question reference the different samples, without having to completely start from scratch and build a whole new organ?

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Re: Swapping Ranks

Postby B. Milan » Thu Feb 14, 2013 6:44 pm

Hello Tim,

The short answer is no. The ODF cannot be edited as it is encrypted and you cannot swap other samples into the folders for the MasterWorks 331 samples since only those samples included with the MW 331 organ can be used with that ODF. Thus you would need to create your own custom ODF if you wanted to mix other ranks in with the instrument.
Brett Milan
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Re: Swapping Ranks

Postby ldeutsch » Fri Mar 15, 2013 7:29 am


Brett is correct - there is no way I know of to do this within Hauptwerk. However, it should be very possible within "two Hauptwerks." If you are willing to have two Hauptwerk licenses and two computers, it should be possible to substitute ranks from one organ into another. I actually have not tried this, though I happen to have two licenses so I could try this experiment at some point.

Chose one of your two organs as the "master" instrument and load it into one Hauptwerk system. Load the other, "slave organ" (from which you will draw the substituted ranks) into the second Hautpwerk system, but ask Hauptwerk not to load the ranks you wish to substitute. On the master organ, use Hauptwerk's "box of ranks" capability as per the user guide Section "Advanced MIDI applications. For each rank you wish to substitute, configure Hauptwerk to send MIDI out on some channel. You will use a different channel for each substituted rank.

(I use this method to substitute sounds from other software synths for some ranks that come with the sample sets. Specifically, I use this to get a much more realistic pain sound on my theater organs.)

On the second Hauptwerk system, configure your slave organ as a "box of ranks" as per the same section. You will assign the corresponding MIDI channels to the desired substitute ranks.

IT remains only to connect the two computers together so that one send MIDI to the other. The method for this will depend on weather you are using Mac or Windows systems. You should be able to use an Ethernet cable to communicate between the two computers, eliminating the need for extra MIDI interfaces.

This is the basic idea. As a mathematician, I now view it as complete. The actual implementation is left to the reader.

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