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Sharing CODM Files

Using the CODM to create your own organ definitions, exchange CODM organ definitions, ...

Sharing CODM Files

Postby hackjo » Tue Sep 08, 2015 4:45 am

I've had a requests for a CODM organ I created. The thing is, it relies on the voicing parameters to make it sound correct. Can I share the file and voicing setting with other HW users?
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Re: Sharing CODM Files

Postby mdyde » Tue Sep 08, 2015 9:36 am

Hell hackjo,

There isn't a supported way to do that currently, I'm afraid, although we do have an enhancement request logged for the future to include facilities in Hauptwerk to import/export voicing.

(Currently the voicing settings are stored in Hauptwerk's internal per-organ files along with all other user settings and preferences for the organ. Those file formats aren't documented or meant to be user-editable, and we wouldn't be able to support editing them manually, since there would be a significant likelihood of people breaking their Hauptwerk installations as a result.)

We used to have a series of scripts for sample set producers that would dump voicing settings into the pipe table in a MySQL database for the 'full-format' organ definition (to which the CODM can compile). However, since we had to remove the MySQL integration, we don't have an automatic replacement for that, unfortunately. We could potentially send you the scripts via email if you wanted to use them as a basis for developing your own software tool for performing similar functionality in the compiled full-format organ definition XML as a post-CODM-compile step. (That's the approach that sample set producers use, to my knowledge.) You would then need to package and distribute the resulting compiled full-format organ definition to end users, packaged for Hauptwerk's component installer, and with a unique organ ID in its organ definition. Contact us via email if you need an ID range assigned to you for that (it's free).

Sorry we don't have a quick/easy solution to offer!
Best regards,

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