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OpenOffice's MySQL Connector

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OpenOffice's MySQL Connector

Postby MPiercey » Tue Mar 22, 2011 8:36 pm

Hi all, I have just started getting into creating instruments and am currently learning the CODM. To help with this I have been going over many of the posts in the CODM section of the forum. This has led to some confusion about the CODM and the 'full ODF' specifications; as well as programs to use/create/modify the xml files. I understand that the CODM is a scaled down version of the full ODF, and as such is much easier for most of us to use, and the user manual is included with HW, but what about the full ODF specificiations - where would I get that info from?

My next question is can I copy and paste section of the full ODF into my CODM (with the ODF creator's permission of course). In this regard, I have noticed that the code in the full ODF does not have all the tags that the CODM has (or at least they have been converted to a, b, c... etc). Would the CODM still know what to do with the ODF code under these circumstances?

My third question is how does MySQL interact with HW - is it just a database that creates the structure of the ODF that HW needs, and if so where does it get it from? Is there something like a 'blank ODF' in HW that MySQL reads to create the initial structure of the ODF, or is MySQL a completely seperate free-form type of program in which one has to create each of the lines of code individually and the MySQL just connects everything and puts it in the correct structure?

My last question has to do with a MySQL replacement. The CODM section of the forum has many references to the MySQL issue and its lack of availability to end users (without having to paying a fee), so I spent some time searching for alternatives. I have come across the 'MySQL Connector' for OpenOffice's Base program (similar to MS Access) and was wondering if anyone has tried this, and if so, how does it work with HW?

As you may be able to tell from my questions, I really don't understand the relationships of these files/programs very well, so I would apperciate any assistance in sorting them out.

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Re: OpenOffice's MySQL Connector

Postby ggoode_sa » Wed Mar 23, 2011 3:23 am

Hi Mel,

The CODM is not a scaled down version of the ODF. It is a separate (but related) XML set used to create a full ODF. So, no, you cannot take an ODF XML file and use it in your CODM XML. The CODM XML is taken in by the Hauptwerk CODM interpreter and a full ODF is then created.

As I have not used the MySQL portion of HW ODF creation I cannot fully comment on it except to say that one needs a commercial MySQL license in order to make use of it. Regardless of one uses to edit the database, one would still require the commercial license from MySQL to interface that database with Hauptwerk as Hautpwerk is a commercial (non GPL) product.

Go to the Documents section on and download the CODM User Guide and read through it two or three times, and keep asking questions on this forum as we are all here to help!

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Re: OpenOffice's MySQL Connector

Postby Martin_Dümig » Wed Mar 23, 2011 4:29 am

Hello Mel,

the description of full ODF is contained within the document Creating Sample Sets for Hauptwerk. You get this document direct from Milan Digital Audio on request.

The MySQL interface is used to convert a ODF file to a SQL database. This is convenient for processing the huge amount of data with SQL tools. But you don't need it, since there are many other editors for XML. I do not know who in earnest is using this interface.

The interface allows to export an ODF or CODM file to a MySQL database. Then you could work on this database by adding or modifying data, and then you reimport this database back to an ODF or CODM file.

The a, b, c's in CODM files are shortcuts in a somewhat encrypted form to save space and loading time. To understand such an CODM, you have to regenerate it in unencrypted form. There are hints how to do that on the forum.

With best regards - Martin
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Re: OpenOffice's MySQL Connector

Postby mdyde » Wed Mar 23, 2011 7:22 am

Hello Mel,

Just to add briefly to what Graham and Martin wrote:

Here's a topic that covers how to de-compact the full-format organ definition XML (the documentation for the relevant options in the user guide also covers it):

However, my advice would be to stick with the CODM - it's designed to cover almost everything that people want to do in organs they create, and to be relatively easy and quick to learn, edit and use. (The full organ definition format is extremely complex.) Start by studying the CODM guide on the Help menu in Hauptwerk and experimenting with some of the example CODM organ definitions.

The CODM format is intentionally designed to be easily editable, without needing MySQL or similar tools.

In the forthcoming Hauptwerk v4 the CODM format has been extended, and also the features of v4 (such as the combination stepper, scoped pistons, crescendos) cover much of the remaining functionality that the CODM itself doesn't provide natively.

(OpenOffice's MySQL connector isn't relevant - Hauptwerk has the ability to connect to a MySQL database, but you must have a commercial licence for the MySQL Server before we're allowed to enable it.)
Best regards,

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