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Needed - A semi-weighted key keyboard (manual) w/61 notes

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Needed - A semi-weighted key keyboard (manual) w/61 notes

Postby engrssc » Thu Mar 16, 2017 12:03 am

Would be exactly what I "need" to add my *' Grand Bosendorf VILabs sample set as a 4th manual. Yeah, I'm dreaming. 8) Actually, I did check a while ago, and 61 noters are made, just couldn't find a better quality one not just an "economical" plastic keyboard. I did find some quite nice 88 note instruments and even some 61 note pro keyboards. Wouldn't want to do a take apart and cut them down, tho. :roll: Plus I wouldn't need all the extra stuff that comes with them.

Nice set up Pierre has. Even 4 LaunchPads. Do you notice a touch response type effect when Pierre switches the lowest manual to play organs? My teacher used the phrase "playing into the keys". Or is that skill full use of an expression pedal? In either case, a neat effect. :)

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