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MIDI and the Roland C-190

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MIDI and the Roland C-190

Postby BachsFugue » Fri Aug 25, 2017 7:10 pm

While I'm visiting in Southern Ontario, a fellow Hauptwerker has asked for help connecting his C-190 Roland keyboard to his Hauptwerk computer. He had prviously been using an organ console with MIDI to connect to Hauptwerk.

The C-190 is a keyboard designed to be a versatile standalone instrument with a selection of organ samples for pedal, great, and swell. It is supposed to be able to perform in a swell to great mode as well as in a split keyboard mode. This works both with organ voices and orchestral samples. The split point is variable.

In my searching for answers to my questions, I have noticed that several members of the HW Forum have had experience with the C-190.

Here is what I have experienced with the keyboard by talking to the owner by phone and using the HW and C-190 user manuals. Both of St. Anne's manuals will only sound notes that correspond to the split keyboard modes. The lower range of keys go to the Great while the upper range go to the Swell.

The Roland manual does not seem to indicate how to set the keyboard to a no-split mode. We have set the MIDI channels and port in the appropriate General Settings menus. The Roland allows for Channel 12 (G), 13 (S), and 14 (P). We have tried auto-detecting the keyboard as the Great. I then have checked it in Organ Settings/Keyboards. The port and channel are correct but the hi range for the Great is only MIDI note 56 (the set split point). The St. Anne's with a stop pulled will play the notes from 36 to 56 (G-sharp below Middle C). I then set the hi range to MIDI note 96 for the Great and MIDI notes 36 and 96 for the Swell.

But I have not been able to make the keyboard play all 61 notes of the normal organ range from the Great or Swell alone even though the Organ Settings/Keyboards numbers say that the manuals on the St. Anne's correspond to the full compass. The keyboard will only play notes on St. Anne's in the aforementioned split mode. I am at a standstill after three sessions of an hour and a half each.

Does anyone have any experience to share about the Roland? Does anyone have a suggestion on how to attack this problem? All offerings will be welcomed. Thank you.
Cole Votaw -- Springfield, Ohio, USA
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Re: MIDI and the Roland C-190

Postby RichardW » Mon Aug 28, 2017 7:06 am


Sorry, I am not a C-190 user but I used to use another Roland keyboard.

Looking at the manual, it looks as if the magic key is the tab marked I/II located at the top right. I would guess that one way it works with the split and the other way you can use the whole keyboard.

After changing that setting, you may need to re-AutoDetect the lowest and highest keys to get Hauptwerk set up properly.

I hope this helps,
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