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Toe studs not redundantly programmable

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Toe studs not redundantly programmable

PostWed Nov 22, 2017 12:49 am

Hello - long time since I've been here -

I put together a very nice console using Classic Midiworks parts about 18 months ago, and am running Hauptwerk Advanced to control this three-manual organ.

The three manuals all have thumb pistons which I mapped to Hauptwerk's memory pistons. The console also has 16 toe studs. However, when right-clicking on a HW general piston and then trying to set a toe stud, HW wipes out the piston to which the general memory piston was also assigned. (I want redundancy in pistons and studs for 8 general memory pistons). I can set all of the pistons to be the very same memory piston if I want, and they can all be redundant -- but if I try to set a toe stud, it wipes out the piston if there is any redundancy.

This strikes me as more of a software thing than a hardware issue. Any advice?

Andrew Grahame


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Re: Toe studs not redundantly programmable

PostWed Nov 22, 2017 1:33 am

Hi Erik,

Every piston, key, stop etc can be mapped to 2 separate inputs. Sounds like you are re-using the "Primary Input" for the second piston, which would explain why the second piston wipes out the first one. Set the thumb piston on the Primary Input, then choose Input 2 for the corresponding toe stud.

To access this function, don't choose "Auto-detect" when you right-click on the piston - choose instead "Adjust MIDI/trigger settings manually...".

Check out Pages 152-153 of the Hauptwerk User Guide.


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