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Ikea Galant Table Leg Question

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Ikea Galant Table Leg Question

Postby banderson » Sun Jun 24, 2018 10:07 pm

Recently, I started to put together a Hauptwerk project. I'm using a 3 manual stack from an unknown organ console and an Allen Pedal board. I'm starting to look at the different possibilities of tables for the keyboards and I see a lot of people recommend the Ikea Galant Table. I know they're not made anymore but eBay has a series of parts and complete tables for sale. I downloaded the manual for the table and see that it came with an option for an "A" frame slanted leg and a "T" frame straight leg. I was wondering what type people prefer and why. Since I'm going to be building a custom table out of these parts, all options are open.


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Re: Ikea Galant Table Leg Question

Postby magnaton » Mon Jun 25, 2018 12:26 am

This topic came up a while back. I think the consensus was the "A" legs offered better stability. Most of the pictures I've seen here and on the Dutch form of HW rigs that incorporate the Ikea Galant use the "A" legs.

I have this infamous table (with chrome "A" legs) and love it. If I ever decide to upgrade to a true VPO table or real organ console, this table will be put to use for other purposes in our home. I purchased it used from an office that was downsizing for pennies on the dollar! It was in excellent shape seldom used as a conference room table.

Not to go off topic, if you're patient and know how to look for deals, you can have build a nice HW setup up under budget leaving extra cash to purchase another sample set. 8)

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Re: Ikea Galant Table Leg Question

Postby scottherbert » Tue Jun 26, 2018 9:56 am

I totally agree with Danny. I also have the "A" leg model. It is a fine, sturdy and spacious design. Truth be told, if you are handy, you could probably build something similar, but with the price of lumber these days, I don't know if you would save anything. The depth of this model is greater than I need, so extra floor space is taken up.

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