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Loose pedal fix question

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Loose pedal fix question

Postby montyjnc » Mon Jul 09, 2018 10:09 am


Currently I am using a converted Rodgers 330E console/pedal board. The pedal tightness is adjusted by tightening a screw in a metal plate at the rear of each individual pedal. Currently, I have tightened the pedals as far as I can comfortably without stripping the screws, but my pedal board is still very bouncy and loose. When playing fast pedal work, the pedals continue to bounce and vibrate after I play them!! Can anyone suggest a fix to this? I prefer a much firmer pedal board:.. if needed I could possibly post a picture (if I could figure out how :). )
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Re: Loose pedal fix question

Postby organtechnology » Mon Jul 09, 2018 10:44 am


Some Rodgers pedal boards used a laminate of two pieces in the rear of the pedal board where the screws are. The pedals go over a rounded piece of metal which is on the 'front' piece of the two and the screws go in the 'back' piece of the two. Over time, the two boards move such that the piece of metal, which is used as a fulcrum, moves and relieves the tension on the pedal springs. To cure this the pedal board needs to have the pedals removed and the two pieces of wood brought back into alignment and then 'pinned' with lag bolts. Some times the metal piece needs to be replaced if it is too worn. It is not always easy to align the two boards and this condition is not present in all Rodgers pedal boards.

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