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Illuminated drawknobs

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Re: Illuminated drawknobs

Postby IainStinson » Fri Sep 28, 2018 7:43 am

On the e-stop, the led which is surface mounted on the board to the right of the display is not controlled by the stop being on or off. It is controlled by the LED settings in the HW menu option for LCD displays. The text for the display and settings of this LED are set in the same way as HW handles other display (see pages 160), Note that that e-stop only (at present) supports 7 bit ASCII characters (no accented characters)

However, there is a facility to connect a "lighted piston" which operates the stop . The "lighted piston" can be a switch (momentary on) and there is a connection for a 5V LED which lights when the stop is activated. (This is not the same LED as the one mounted on the unit.) Because the e-stop is connected to midi in and midi out the led illuminates when HW's combination system activates the stop. Some of the little switches mentioned early in this post would work - however I think the buttons might be too small!


Quote from the e-stop manual
...First, it has 128x96 pixel EPD (Electrophoretic display, a.k.a. e-ink or e-paper) to
show the stop name. The display is combined with optional RGB LED, according to
Hauptwerk text display system. Both EPD and RGB LED serve as addressable Hauptwerk
LCD panel display with color code
Second, it has switch input to sense stop contact. The switch status changes are
properly encoded into MIDI Note On/Off messages per user settings.
Third, it has two drivers to control SAM/SDK coils in case SAM/SDK switches are
used, as well as LED driving output to indicate the stop status in case lighted momentary
switches are used for stops.
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Re: Illuminated drawknobs

Postby magnaton » Fri Sep 28, 2018 3:22 pm

engrssc wrote:
organtechnology wrote:I think it is also possible to mount a switch behind the LED so that you would activate the stop by pushing it.

Be interested as in how to do this. The Johannus LiVE model uses these, but controls the stops with drawknobs.

FYI, the Johannus Live I played had spring loaded drawknobs (push or pull) with small round LEDs on the ends to indicate the stop on or off. A demo can be seen here at time mark 0:24.

Danny B.
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Re: Illuminated drawknobs

Postby engrssc » Fri Sep 28, 2018 3:34 pm

That's a reasonable approach.

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