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MIDI hardware necessary for wiring old Rodgers parts

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Re: MIDI hardware necessary for wiring old Rodgers parts

Postby aboocher » Thu Dec 13, 2018 12:16 am

Thanks to everyone for their help - especially to Thomas from who spent over an hour on the phone with me before I first plugged everything in! Here's a brief summary in case it's useful to anyone

I had forgotten to order the bo16x4 boards to connect the wires from the keyboards. Once those arrived I wired up "one wire per key" into slots 1 - 61 and then did my best to connect the right wires to the hwce2 and keymux boards. What was slightly strange to me was that the power terminal has two separate sides and I think both of them need to be connected to the appropriate parts of the keymux boards. The hardest part for me was what to do with the common wires - i just looped them through the ground and then back to the minus/common on the main board. I was slightly worried I'd fry a circuit, but with Thomas on facetime he gave me the thumbs up to plug it in, and sure enough everything worked (except one note whose wire had pulled out of the board). Hauptwerk was reading everything and it was great! It took me a week or so to connect the pedal board, but now everything is up and running. I don't know if I'll bother setting up the swell pedal I have, as I think it would be a pain trying to mount it, but I wanted to share some embarrassing photos of the finished product.

Still to do:
- Find a more permanent way to attach the wooden board with the reed switches to the pedalboard. It seems as if the alignments has to be *just right* and I achieved this with lots of duct tape to get everything in place, and even now a few notes get "stuck" sometimes. Does anyone has any advice? The best solution I think would be to mount the board with the switches in a totally adjustable way to that is fixed and then just slide the pedals close to them. I wonder if velcro would be strong enough? At the moment duct table is working well.
- Clean up the wiring so that it's not such a mess
- Find some wood to prop the table up on so the keyboards are closer to the right height.
- Set up the music stand (it has wires coming out of it, but I tried powering it off of the power terminal on the hwce2 and couldn't get anything to work. I might just buy some LED lights and just rig that separately.) Also set it up so that it's actually at eye level, as opposed to leaning slightly against a box fan that's propped against the wall.
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