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Midi Keyboard upside-down.....

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Midi Keyboard upside-down.....

PostSun Mar 03, 2019 12:14 pm

Sorry - posted this in error in a different section......

Help! I am in the process of moving from reed switches to Hall sensors on my 3 manual setup, using the Halka boards from Roman Sowa. Having got 1 keyboard converted, and run the Autodetect applet, I cannot get the keyboard to work the right way round, with the highest note at the top of the keyboard and the lowest on the far left! And yes, I have tried deliberately putting in the wrong input to try and trick it!
I am routing it through the MRG2 merger and a Microlite Midi hub.
Is there an "invert" switch I have not found yet, or is there a problem with the boards?

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