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SAM Control Module: Version 2

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SAM Control Module: Version 2

PostWed Mar 13, 2019 4:40 pm

SAM Control Module: Version 2

I wasn't totally happy with the code I published in my post on March 10. It left many pins unused, so I made the following changes which make the program substantially different and significantly more useful, enough to warrant a second post.

1. As before, the module "talks" to 16 stops on a virtual organ and uses the stop change messages received in return to operate dual-magnetic draw knobs, or any SAM for that matter. What I added were 16 switch inputs that can be connected to pistons to operate the combination action on the virtual organ which in turn operates the physical draw knobs. This makes the module completely stand alone, requiring no other boards.

2. There is now provision for daisy chaining these units together to whatever size is needed. One only needs to assign a different channel number to each module. The details are laid out in the documentation in the code, which again can be found on my website: ... ion-action

3. I expressed some concern about the program refusing to run after power up. I think I located the source of the problem. Jeux d'Orgues outputs an Active Sense message every half second which befuddles the Arduino boot software that is designed to start program execution. The solution is to make sure the serial IN port is "quiet" during power up either by not connecting, in my case, the iPad until the Arduino is powered up and the little LEDs stop blinking, or, alternatively by turning the MIDI Shield switch to the Off position while powering up. The same applies when one uses the Reset button on the board.

The usual disclaimer: This has only been bench tested. Please alert me to any problems should you decide to use this code.

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