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How To Decrease Sample Loading Times

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Re: How To Decrease Sample Loading Times

PostTue May 07, 2013 5:08 pm

Well, my attempt at dividing my two disks into a RAID1 partition for stability and a RAID0 partition for cache files failed spectacularly at the weekend when my RAID1 got corrupted at the boot sector meaning neither disk would boot up. Faced with reinstalling Windows yet again I took the plunge and decided to go for an SSD of 256GB - enough for operating system files and cache, leaving organ files and documents on one of the two conventional platter drives. I can therefore post further results, and I think the conclusion has to be, get an SSD if you can possibly afford one! As I had backup up all my Hauptwerk settings, the comparison is between the same depth of recording and RAM use.

Caen: 66 seconds
Paramount 310: 6 seconds
Salisbury 53 seconds
Zwolle: 65 seconds

Disk transfer speeds of around 280MB/second.

A massive difference from RAID1, and a considerable improvement from RAID0 though that's still reasonably respectable if you are prepared for the inherent risks of RAID0. I suppose however that's horses for courses, given that SSDs also have potential shortcomings in terms of long-term reliability, though they are evidently getting better; my Samsong 840 Pro has a five year warrenty). But for anyone debating the difference between SSDs and the various RAID0 or RAID1 configurations commonly possible (along with the stability issues), the figures speak for themselves.

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