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Automatically Boot MacPro 2013 When Power Applied

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Re: Automatically Boot MacPro 2013 When Power Applied

Postby notdefined » Fri Mar 10, 2017 2:11 pm

On a MacPro 2013 you can enable this by going to the system preferences (click on the apple in the upper left and then select system preferences). In the window that is displayed you will see a light bulb labeled Energy Saver, select that and a menu will be displayed. Select "Start up automatically after a power failure" and then exit. Your Mac will now power up whenever mains power is reapplied to it. Any switch that controls the A/C, even a wall switch will cause the computer to reboot. This is the same place that you adjust how long to keep the screen on when there is no activity. I keep mine at "Never" because midi activity does not keep the display alive.
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Re: Automatically Boot MacPro 2013 When Power Applied

Postby AndyFox » Fri Mar 10, 2017 4:10 pm

Thank - I have selected "Start up automatically after a power failure" in Preferences.

However, this would only be set if you "crashed" the MacPro by abruptly turning the power off to leave it in that state. I do not think this is a recommended practice routinely since you could damage hard drive(s) and SSD by not shutting down the OS after exiting Hauptwerk each time.

The do shell script routine would be preferable since it leaves the MacPro in a state mimicking a power failure and boot up when power is next applied thru an organ master switch.

I think this is correct. This is what GeoffUK wrote.........

Post by GeoffUK » Wed Mar 01, 2017 1:28 pm

Hi Andy,

I wrote this short shell script to this on my organ and it's a great feature. When you want to close down, first close HW; then run the shell script which will close down the OS and then turn off the power. The Mac sees that as a power fail so when you re-apply the power it will boot automatically. I use a wireless mains switch with this so I can get the organ on to play with a small remote wand.

do shell script "shutdown -u -h now" user name "Your Mac user name" password "Your password" with administrator privileges

I keep the icon for this script on the desktop screen so I can double click it to run.
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Re: Automatically Boot MacPro 2013 When Power Applied

Postby GeoffUK » Thu Mar 16, 2017 4:11 pm

Hello Andy,

Sorry I have been away a while. I see others have kindly described the other things to set e.g. in Sys Preferences. I always close HW, (I don't have any other apps running on this Mac) then run the shutdown script and cut the power to the Mac. As I mentioned, I have a wireless switched power socket so I cut the power using the remote. As you rightly say, this simulates a power fail and leaves Mac OSX ready to boot itself when power is next applied. I have been using this several times a week for about three years and I have not lost any data or had any hardware issues so I think it should be ok for you. It definitely simplifies switching the organ on and encourages me to play more often. Here is the mains wireless sockets I installed (many others are available!!) ... UTF8&psc=1

Let me know if need any more info.

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