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Different computer platform..

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Different computer platform..

Postby notdefined » Fri Feb 24, 2017 1:36 pm

To date, every system build out that I have made was the most powerful that I could manage with the most memory, etc. Well, I should have been born a cat because I'm curious about every new technology that comes down the pike, so when I caught a glimpse of the latest Intel Compute Stick, I had to get one. It is about the size of a 3Com WiFi dongle, and the version I got came with 32GB onboard storage and 16GB memory. Not a lot, but then there is only so much room in that stick. The CPU is an Intel Core M3, the mobile version of the Core 3 running at 2.2GHz and overclocking ability (if you have a way to cool it down).

I plugged it in to a touch screen monitor, which I also used to provide additional USB ports, connected the power supply and hit the power button. Bingo, up popped the familiar bios with a "HELLO, there is no operating system" message. I had ordered the bare stick, so I inserted a 256G simm card, connected a DVD drive and proceeded to install windows 10. That went so well that it was almost boring, then on a whim, I installed Hauptwerk just to see if it would work, and it does just fine! W10 needed no drivers to work with the touch screen, an it needed no training. Sound was via the HDMI connection, but I will add a Sabrent SND8 USB audio or somesuch in from my parts collection for multichannel. Oh, and unlike the previous Atom based compute sticks from Intel, the Core m3 is a 64bit processor so Hauptwerk can take advantage of it.

I'll be trying this out on a smaller configuration to see how it works out, but so far it looks promising. And to think that it could be mounted with just double sided tape. Sweet.
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Re: Different computer platform..

Postby mdyde » Fri Feb 24, 2017 2:34 pm

Thanks for the information. A novel approach and ingenious product indeed!
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