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64 or 128 gb RAM?

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Re: 64 or 128 gb RAM?

Postby RichardW » Wed Sep 13, 2017 9:44 pm

I usually start here: ... max&page=1 with the RAM capacity in descending order.

It is a UK site but I expect the components will be the same in the US.

If you decide on a CPU chip then you will know the chip's socket type and you can use that to filter out the incompatible mother boards. If you have a case in mind then you can also filter by form factor.

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Re: 64 or 128 gb RAM?

Postby mdyde » Sun Sep 17, 2017 5:11 am

scottherbert wrote:In looking for motherboards capable of handling larger amounts of ram, I found very few in the normal 'desktop' type, but when I started looking at 'server' type motherboards, I found that 128 gb was small! Many of them were capable of handling 512 gb to 1 Tb of ram. My question now is, what does a server do, and can it be used as a Hauptwerk computer by itself?

Hello Scott,

This is Wikipedia's article on servers:

Their hardware is primarily designed and optimised for intensive use by many people ('clients') simultaneously, and for maximum reliability and up-time, usually used in racks in computer server rooms in companies' I.T. departments.

Provided that they meet Hauptwerk's prerequisites

... they can in principle be used for Hauptwerk, although as others have mentioned they might be noisy and might (or might not) perform especially well for running a single instance of a CPU-intensive real-time audio application such as Hauptwerk. They may tend to be optimised for running many simultaneous instances of applications reasonably fast, rather than a single instance extremely fast.
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Re: 64 or 128 gb RAM?

Postby Antoni Scott » Fri Dec 08, 2017 10:35 pm

My latest computer, a 2010 MacPro with 12 cores (3.33ghz) has 96 GB of Ram. After a long battle with Apple regarding an apparently simple problem with one of my memory modules, I decided I was not going to purchase a new MacPro (the coffee-can computer). The problem I had with my previous MacPro was that one of the eight memory modules was bad. Unfortunately it was the first one in the chain, so none of them worked. It was a simple problem that Apple would not help me with. I found out what to do from a third party vendor and the fix was simple. Apple wouldn't look at my MacPro because it was vintage.
So I decided that I needed to get a back-up computer and why not a bigger, better and faster one than the eight core unit I had. IBuildMacs provided me with a MacPro with 96 GB RAM.
All I can say is that my computer is Future proofed for the inevitable bigger and bigger sample sets that will become available. My original MacPro had 32 GB RAM and it was too small, so 64 should be fine. I decided to go one step more and get 96 GB !!!!! My 12 core handles the biggest sample sets with ease, no delays or stumbles. I would say that if you can afford 128GB, go for it.
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Re: 64 or 128 gb RAM?

Postby montyjnc » Tue Mar 06, 2018 10:52 am

In case anyone was interested, my computer originally had 16gb of DDR4 (2400) ram (4x4gb). I simply purchased an additional 64 gb (4x16gb) of DDR4-2400 and added it to the remaining 4 open dim slots. I have no issues with compatibility or stability. Now I am sitting at 80gb of ram, and if needed i will simply replace the 4x4gb with 4x16gb to get up to 128gb. But currently, I have no samples needing more than 80!
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