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Hauptwerk & Windows Server 2016

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Hauptwerk & Windows Server 2016

Postby Don_prince » Mon Oct 30, 2017 7:17 am

Due to my workstation beeing used for other things aswell I have installed Hauptwerk on Windows Server 2016. Due to less stuff going on in the background this seems to have a small benefit, compared to stock Windows 10 but I am not sure about it...

Anyways, to the point, if anyone would try installing Hauptwerk the installer will crash saying the GUI is not compatible and that the installer should be run via commandline.

The way to solve this is to run the installer in windows 7 compatibility mode. (rightclick propertys compatibility mode and select windows 7)

From then on the installer should run.

Now it may be necisary to run the audiosrv service too. I had mine on by default so I have not tried without. Just type services in the search bar and click services then find Audiosrv, rightclick propertys and select start automatically.

Thats it, I will report if I run into other issues.

By the way, Hauptwerk does run from a remote desktop, but the keyboards will not be recognised, so I will try if I can operate the system via some other way.
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Re: Hauptwerk & Windows Server 2016

Postby mdyde » Mon Oct 30, 2017 7:31 am

Hello Don_prince,

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Thanks for posting the information, in case anybody else wants to use Windows Server 2016.

(Just to clarify, for the benefit of anybody else that might not realise, we don't officially support Windows Server versions, so they might or might not work properly in general.)
Best regards,

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Re: Hauptwerk & Windows Server 2016

Postby Johannes Sørensen » Tue Dec 12, 2017 10:52 am

Thanks for the report about Windows Server 2016. Until this thread Windows Server hasn’t crossed my mind to be an option as OS in a Hauptwerk computer.
It made me curious and came just in time for upgrading the Hauptwerk computer.
A 6 core processor i7-3930K @4.2GHz has been replaced by a 10 core Xeon e5-2690 v2 @3.63GHz.
In the almost eleven years as Hauptwerk user Windows XP 64 bit has been the OS, and has served the purpose well, but long ago outdated, more and more isn't supported, and it is time to move on.

For comparison in a test setup the four OS: Windows XP 64 bit, Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 was installed on different drives, so it was possible to shift between them under literally “all other equal” conditions.

On the internet there are guidances how to modify Windows Server 2016 to use it as OS in a Workstation. Of course as always use the advices with critical sense.

In a Hauptwerk computer password protection is unnecessary. In “Run” type “netplwiz” or “control userpasswords2” and it can be removed in the box “User Accounts”. At the same time the annoying screen “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” at start up has gone. From next time Windows Server 2016 will start very quickly, much faster than any of the other OS. In 30 seconds from pressing the Start button it is up running. Thereafter eventually it can take some time for a break out box of the audio interface to start.

Performance of Hauptwerk?
With Windows Server 2016 the static polyphony is measured to 27.000 at buffer size 512 and 28.500 at buffer size 1024 (audio interface RME Multiface II). It is the limit for none of the red bars in the CPU meter to light, and a couple more keys can be pressed before the sound breaks up. It is 1000 higher than with the old Windows XP, and it is marginal higher than with Windows 7 and Windows 10, but in practice the difference is insignificant, just a question about the last 500.
The level of polyphony is surprisingly around 90% higher than before the upgrade.
When the polyphony in a surround sample set is sat to 12.000 at buffer size 512, the CPU and the Polyphony meters nicely follow each other.

Compatibility issues?
As in the reported experience I had to use compatibility mode to install Hauptwerk (Windows 8 ), but that is only during the installation process. After installation Hauptwerk runs normally without any issues.
I have tried out some other software, that can be relevant for some. Cantabile could be installed but it wasn’t possible to inset VST plugins.
Reaper and all reverb plugins, I have tried, worked, though one of them couldn’t run in 64 bit but only in 32 bit bridged.

There is a little more work to do to take Windows Server 2016 in use in a Hauptwerk computer but first done, it works fine, nothing interferes with the sound generation, and I decided to use it. Trimmed for unnecessary services very little is going on in the background, and 62.3GB out of 64GB ram is available for the sample set.
Until now the experience with the upgraded computer and Windows Server 2016 is very satisfying. It is fast and responsive and seems to be rock stable.

Best regards
Johannes Sørensen
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