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Reorganizing/expanding the Hauptwerk PC

Buying or building computers for Hauptwerk, recommendations, troubleshooting computer hardware issues.

Reorganizing/expanding the Hauptwerk PC

Postby FredM » Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:04 am


As time goed by things can change. Recently I purchased a new sample-set which I can run in 24 bit stereo nicely on my PC with 32GB RAM. However later in the year a Surround "Upgrade" will be released and then I will need 64 GB. Currently my PC cannot host more than 32 GB. So I have to either buy a new PC or rebuild my current PC by replacing motherboard, Processor and RAM. For Hauptwerk Video is not important and I can keep my cheap video board (to avoid CPU resources needed for on-board video.

Who can advise me on this, w.r.t price/quality. I don't want to spend money on overkill, like Core-i9, but want to make sure problemless performance without audio dropouts, etc. Thanks for your advise/opinion.
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Re: Reorganizing/expanding the Hauptwerk PC

Postby mdyde » Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:27 am

Hello Fred,

[I've split your new post off from the original forum topic, since it's a separate question.]

In case it helps:

We have some broad general guidelines on computer hardware in these documents (linked from the 'Support | Requirements' section of the website):

(The current versions of Windows 10 and macOS are also supported, which aren't yet listed in those documents.)

Francois Ratte in Canada also provides detailed one-to-one computer advice for Hauptwerk users, on a consultancy basis:
Best regards,

[Please use email or the Contact page if you need to contact us privately, rather than private forum messages.]

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Re: Reorganizing/expanding the Hauptwerk PC

Postby jkinkennon » Mon Feb 19, 2018 1:45 am

My advice is to wait until later in the year when Intel will presumably introduce some new chips that fix the current security issues and issues with sluggish memory performance. I've decided to use an older Mac Pro 3.1 with dual Zeon processors and 32GB of memory. If a sample set needs more memory than 32GB I'll load just front samples and add Seventh Heaven reverb which usually sounds as good as surround channels.

I'll return to Windows 10 when the issues are resolved.
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