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Dual Touch Screens and Windows 10

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Re: Dual Touch Screens and Windows 10

PostSun Jul 15, 2018 5:05 pm

I had this problem recently. Really annoying. I think in the end I put Windows 7 on, then it worked.



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Re: Dual Touch Screens and Windows 10

PostSun Jun 23, 2019 2:47 pm

I was using dual touch screens and Windows 10. PROBLEM: Only one monitor was touch sensitive.

The Windows 10 operating system sees 2 displays and 2 touch panels not necessarily associated with the displays that they are integrated on. Hence the touch functionality may not work as designed.

I found my answer on the Dell website (my computer is not a Dell) posted by their technical staff. When all assistance failed and nothing else worked, THIS solved the problem (surprisingly fast):

Resolution Steps for Windows 10
Follow the steps mentioned below:

Note: Touch Monitors are shipped with USB Cables. Ensure the USB cables are connected to the desktop computer used with the monitor.

1. Ensure the external display is in Extended Mode (To select Extended Mode, press the Windows Key + P together at the same time)

2. In Desktop Mode, click on the Start Menu (Windows key), choose Settings and then Control Panel

3. Select View by Large Icons, choose Tablet PC Settings and select Setup

4. Both screens will have a white background and the primary display will show the text “Touch this screen to identify it as the touchscreen and If this is not the Tablet PC screen, press Enter to move to the next screen.” To close the tool, press the Esc. Key

5. Touch the same screen once

6. You will see a white screen with the following instruction Press Enter to proceed to the next step to complete your configuration

7. Press Enter to synchronize the first touch with the first display

8. Repeat Steps 4 to 7 to synchronize the second display

9. The dual touchscreen displays are now setup for use

Note: The above procedure ties the touch panels to their respective displays. Do not use the Calibrate button. (If you have already tried this option, use the adjacent Reset button and initiate Setup.)

REFERENCE: ... ys?lang=en

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