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New H/W install for a friend

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New H/W install for a friend

Postby engrssc » Mon Nov 12, 2018 10:44 pm

I posted this previously. Just finished a new to Hauptwerk (very pleased) friend do the conversion. Took 4 hours - gutted Rodgers 2M. Using only 2 audio channels presently, upgrading in the very near future. He is
temporarily using my spare Launchpad for stop control.

These system boards come from Midi-Hardware
and are designed to be easy to install, esp using the .WIPLUG adapters. Together they will Midi-fy 2 - manuals, 1 pedal board and up to 3 expression pedals.

Would suggest you look over all of these suggestions, esp the user manuals. Everything listed is basic and straightforward. Total cost for these boards is listed $240 USD not including shipping. Roman ships via FedEx arrived in 5 days after placing the order.

2 - BBS-1K - Bus Bar Scanner - price: 54.00 USD (66.42 incl.VAT) each, X 2 needed - 1 for each manual ... -1K&R2=USD

BTW, when using WIPLUGs below, you can disregard the reference to the Mouser IDC ribbon connectors.

4 - WIPLUG adapter -, price: 9.60 USD (11.81 incl.VAT) each X 4 needed - 2 for each manual ... LUG&R2=USD

Connecting the wires from the manuals to the WIPLUGs took approx 2 hours.

1 - MRG2 - Master Controller - price: 57.60 USD (70.85 incl.VAT) 1 needed for the system as well as up to 3
expression pedals ... RG2&R2=USD

1 - BBSP - pedal board control - price: 36.00 USD (44.28 incl.VAT) 1 needed for the pedal board ... BSP&R2=USD

We used my KEYPAD to do the programming as KEYPADs are temporarily out of stock. You can also using the 10 lowest keys one of the organ's manuals to do the programing, just more convenient with a KEYPAD.

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