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Android tablets

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Android tablets

PostWed Feb 19, 2020 6:05 pm

Does anyone have any experience with using Android tablets or other similar small touchscreens to control Hauptwerk?
Some of the Dutch console manufacturers build little screens into their consoles. Anyone know how they work?


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Re: Android tablets

PostThu Feb 20, 2020 5:19 am

The most practical way of controlling HW with a touch screen is to use a normal touch screen monitor attached to the PC. This is what I and many other HW users do. The size of the touch screen monitor needs to be considered and usually the larger the better, it would be impractical to use a monitor the size of a phone while playing an organ.

Thus you need to consider exactly what features of HW you want to control from the touch screen when you consider its size.

HW does not have any input interface specifically intended for remote control so there are problems here. If you use the synth input you could use midi signals to control stops but each different organ would need different signals.

It would be more practical to control some of the features of your organ console using a touch screen. This would be easy and practical but there is no general solution to doing this. Each different console would need a different solution.

Writing apps for Android is not particularly difficult, but you would need to specify EXACTLY what the app needed to do before even beginning to write anything. Again it would be much easier for Android to communicate with your console than with HW.


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