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Remote Touch Control for macOS Hauptwerk Computer

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Remote Touch Control for macOS Hauptwerk Computer

PostThu May 14, 2020 6:18 pm

It is possible to use a VGA touchscreen monitor located as far as 300 feet from the main macOS Hauptwerk computer.

Use an Elo touchscreen plus a CAT6 line connecting a Sewell HD-Link HL15 Monitor, mouse, and keyboard extender. HDMI, IR, USB 2.0, RS232, and Audio over Cat5e/6, 330ft. KVM Computer extension device. The UPDD drivers for the touchscreen monitor run on the macOS machine to support the touch capability. The Sewell device consists of two modules, a sender and a receiver.

The sender module is co-located with the Hauptwerk computer via an HDMI and USB interfaces, and the receiver module is co-located with the touch screen monitor which, via a Tripp-Lite P566-006-VGA connector, feeds the organ screen displays to the monitor and returns the screen touches (for stop selections) back to the main computer.

This can be handy for situations where access to the macOS machine is limited or protection of it desired, or simply the macOS machine is located in another room from the organ console. The touchscreen monitor sits on the organ bench allowing full control.
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Re: Remote Touch Control for macOS Hauptwerk Computer

PostFri May 15, 2020 10:40 am

Looks interesting. Factory is presently out of stock. Note says they are moving their warehouse.
Interested in a response from anyone using the product with HW. Wouldn't be too interested in the (2 channel ?) audio quality, altho?


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