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Curious Audio Glitch

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Re: Curious Audio Glitch

Postby abaymajr » Sun Aug 04, 2019 4:01 pm

evertjan wrote:Windows key + R
Type in: services.msc
Search for sysmain
Double click on it and switch it to 'disable'
Also stop the service by pushing the Stop button. Not necessary because after next restart it cannot start because you disable it.

And do it again after next Windows update because Microsoft turns it on again.

You're absolutely right. I remember I had turned this service off. Since some months ago, I have been experiencing moments (rare but enough to bore) of laggy performance -- which does not cause audio glitches because of that real-time priority solution. I have just checked 'sysmain' service state and it's on! Might be turned on by the 1903 Win10 update. I turned it off again, and let's see if the problem persists.
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